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Nissan Fuel Injector Problems

Most of the cars sold in the United States are fitted with fuel injector systems. The fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve that is supplied with pressurized fuel by the fuel pump. The fuel injector is mounted in the intake manifold and enables the fuel to spray directly at the intake valves. There are a number of Nissan fuel injectors in the market. For better fuel atomization you should install a high quality Nissan fuel injector in your vehicle.

Listed below are questions on specific Nissan fuel injector problems answered by Experts.

After installing new Nissan fuel injectors the engine is running rough and there is a burnt fuel smell. What is causing these issues?

While installing the new Nissan fuel injectors’ one may have pinched the o-ring. You need to unbolt the fuel rail and lift them up so you can see the bottom and then turn the key to the on position to pressurize the fuel system and see if fuel is leaking out from the bottom. If you notice that fuel is leaking, you will need to remove it and install new o-rings. To reassemble them you need to carefully tap them down straight and use wd40 or any other lubricant that is recommended for assembly. Make sure that the injectors are not green due to corrosion if they are you will need to replace them.

After changing fuel injectors, in a 1990 Nissan 300ZX it is not going over 2500 RPM, the muffler explodes and there is a lot of black smoke getting emitted. What is causing these problems?

In most cases this happens when the fuel injectors are leaking. Black smoke usually indicates a rich fuel mixture. Start your Nissan and with a long screwdriver or stethoscope listen to each injector body. The injectors should be clicking. There may be a vacuum hose connected wrong. If you hear a vacuum leak it will need to be repaired. A vacuum leak usually causes a rich fuel mixture.

Why does a 2003 Nissan Altima lose power to the fuel injector?

The injection fuse gets its power from the ignition relay. Check the ignition switch to the relay. Locate the harness of the ignition under the dash. There is a black wire with a red stripe that feeds the relay. Check the wire to see if it is getting power in the run position. The black wire also feeds the other fuses. If you are not getting power on the fuse then there may be some problem with the switch.

How do I know if my 2002 Nissan Altima has a bad fuel injector and what does a P1612 code indicate?

Usually when there is a problem with the cam or crank sensor it will prevent the fuel pump from coming on. You also need to check for spark. If there is spark then your cam and crank sensors are good and you may have an issue with the fuel pump. A P1612 code is a security code that indicates that the key isn’t being recognized. You will need to have the key reprogrammed by the dealer. This may be causing the car not to start. The immobilizer turns off the fuel injectors. You can spray a little carburetor cleaner or starting fluid into the throttle body and then crank engine.

When your fuel injector fails you will experience a number of problems like the engine fluctuating between high and low RPMs, rough idling, the engine misfiring, reduced gas mileage and leaking fuel. If you are looking for tips on Nissan fuel injector repair you should speak to an Expert.
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