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Ford Fuel Injector Related Questions

Every car owner experiences problems with his or her Ford fuel injector at some point. In some cases, they may have no injector pulse while in other situations they may face misfiring, poor gas mileage, faulty head gaskets, bad EGR coolers, defective exhaust pressure sensors and many others to name a few. Usually, these problems can result in asking several questions about how to repair a particular issue or get a vehicle back to its normal working condition. When this happens, contacting an Expert and asking for help is the best resort. Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to Ford fuel injector that have been answered by the Experts.

Why is there a noise in a Ford fuel injector?

Many times, if the fuel injector pintle is damaged, this could happen. Clean the fuel tanks with an injector cleaner and see if it stops the noise. If not, replacing the injectors would be the next best repair option.

What causes a replaced Ford fuel injector to make a jarring sound?

Excess of fuel in the cylinder can cause this to happen. To fix the problem, first have the cylinder spark plug taken off. Then, try turning off the ignition system and finally, turn over the engine to force the extra fuel out of the cylinder.

What is causing a Ford fuel injector to have starting issues and no injector pulse?

This could be from a defective camshaft sensor, corroded wiring between the sensor and the PCM or loose connector pins. Troubleshoot these components to determine the true cause of the problem. An Expert is better suited to aid help in this repair.

How to replace a Ford fuel injector in a vehicle?

First, the fuel supply manifold needs to be pulled out. Then, unplug the injector electrical connectors and finally, take out the injector from the fuel manifold. Make sure to wobble the injector from one side to the other while pulling it out. For installing the component, follow the procedure in reverse. An Expert’s help could be sought, if required.

What will cause a Ford fuel injector control module to malfunction?

The most common cause is a failed fuel injector control module. However, in some situations, it could also be due to faulty head gaskets, defective EGR coolers or bad EBP sensors. Using a diagnostic scanner, check for error codes to pinpoint the true fault. Alternately, one can contact a Ford dealer for help.

What could cause a Ford fuel injector to quit working suddenly?

A bad throttle position sensor or a faulty powertrain control module could cause this problem. Therefore, it is highly recommended to troubleshoot both of these components to find out what is causing this issue. Seeking an Expert’s insight would be a good idea.

What is the reason a Ford fuel injector misfires and gives bad mileage?

A faulty plug wire or a damaged coil pack can cause the issue described. Troubleshoot with an Expert to find out the wrong codes so the problem can be fixed.

What could be the problem if there is no input to a Ford fuel injector from the cylinders on which a car engine is running?

It could either be a defective driver inside the computer or there might be an open ground circuit to the computer. A troubleshooting Expert may be needed to figure out the exact cause of the problem.

It is always recommended to seek help from an Expert, if you do not have the required knowledge and equipment to resolve a problem on your own. For instance, cleaning a fuel injector by a professional mechanic or taking help from an Expert to replace an injector or test the injection system will always be a better option than performing them at home. Thus, no matter what the issue may be, consult a Ford Expert if any help is needed. For more clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Ford fuel injector, contact a Ford Mechanic Expert. They would help you evaluate your case details and provide an effective mechanical insight to fix the problem.
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