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Dodge Fuel Injector Questions

Have questions about Dodge fuel injectors? Need to know if fast idling is caused by the Idle Air Controller or a fuel injector problem? Is your fuel injector spraying too much? Need to clean or replace a fuel injector? A fuel injector problem has serious repercussions on any engine. Fuel injector issues most often are difficult for a layperson to identify. In such situations it is always advisable to rely on experience and ask an Expert for assistance.

Read some instances of how Experts have helped Dodge owners resolve fuel injector questions and issues.

How to replace a Dodge fuel injector?

Remove the fuel rail first and then follow these steps to remove a fuel injector:
• Detach the injector wiring connector from the injector.
• Adjust the fuel rail assembly in a position which provides comfortable access to the fuel injectors.
• Rotate and pull the injector out of the fuel rail leaving the clip on the injector.
• Inspect the O-ring of the injector and the injector clip, and replace if damaged. If the injector is to be reused cover the injector tip with a protective cap to avoid damage. Disconnect injector wiring connector from injector.
• Follow the same procedure for the other injectors.

To install:
• Lubricate the O-ring with clean engine oil to facilitate installation.
• Slide the open end of the injector clip into the top slot on the injector. The edge of the receiver cup should slide into the clip’s side slots.
• Install the top end of the injector into the fuel receiver cap taking care not to damage the O-ring.
• Repeat for the other injectors and connect the wiring.

Can a Dodge Dakota engine be run without the retaining clips which secure the injectors to the fuel rail?

The clips serve to secure the injector to the rail when the rail has to be removed. The proper way to reinstall the injectors and rail is to begin by putting the injector into the rail then attaching the clip then locating the whole assembly in place where it needs to be bolted down. If the injectors have been installed without clips it is better to disassemble what has been done and reinstall the rail with everything in place so as not to risk a leak.

How to troubleshoot the fuel injectors of a Dodge Dakota which have stopped spraying fuel?

One of the fuel injectors likely has a bad connection. If the cap of the injector corrodes then the operation is likely to be sporadic. It is not easy to clean these connectors and finding replacement connectors could be a problem, so when cleaning the existing connectors exercise great caution. Check all the connectors which are linked with the computer.

What does error code P2149 on a Dodge Cummins 5.9L which reads ‘Fuel Injector Group B supply voltage circuit open. Cylinder 6 P0206’ mean?

This code refers to a wiring problem generally with the injector wiring.

Why is the idling too high on a Dodge Intrepid 3.5 after one fuel injector was replaced?

There is every reason to believe that the problem is because of a vacuum leak. All vacuum lines in the air intake need to be checked. Another possibility is that the upper intake gasket might have been wrongly positioned when it was being reinstalled. Also check that the EGR valve pipe gaskets are all good and properly secure in place.

Identifying a fuel injector problem and knowing how to resolve it can be a challenge to an inexperienced Dodge owner. The best way to go about it is to ask an Expert for insight.
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