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GMC Fuel Filter Questions

What is the correct way to reset a Change GMC Fuel Filter warning? Are special tools required for priming a GMC fuel filter? Why does air enter a GMC fuel filter and how will this affect performance? Finding reliable answers to these and other fuel filter issues is essential to prevent the wrong repairs or replacements being done. Wise vehicle owners get the guidance and insights of Experts to ensure that the right repairs are done.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions regarding fuel filters in the GMC.

After changing the GMC fuel filter on a 2008 C3500 HD the “Change Fuel Filter” remains on. How is the warning reset?

To reset the change fuel filter light, turn on the ignition and immediately press the brake and the fuel to the maximum. Hold them in this position for 10 seconds. The warning should then reset.

What is the procedure for priming the GMC fuel filter on a 2005 Sierra 2500 HD?

To prime the GMC fuel filter, begin by turning the ignition to the ON position but do not start the engine. At the top of the filter housing there is a plastic bolt that is either 10mm or 13mm. Remove the bolt. Next to the blot there will be a half circle plunger. This may be covered by a round cap that will need to be removed. Pump the plunger until fuel starts to come out of the bolt hole. Reinstall the bolt and the priming is done.

Why should a GMC air filter need to be re-primed frequently and what can be done to avoid it?

A fuel filter will lose its prime if air enters it and when that happens, re-priming will need to be done. One of the common reasons for air to enter is weak or defective seals at the top or bottom of the fuel filter. Check to see if there are air leaks here and if so, the seals will need to be changed.

What is the right way to prime the GMC fuel filter on a GM Duramax engine? Can incorrect priming cause damage?

The GM Duramax engine has a common rail fuel injections system that uses the diesel flowing through it to cool and lubricate the high pressure fuel pump. If the fuel filter is not primed correctly the pump will run dry and get damaged. The fuel filter mount on this engine has a manual fuel pump built on so that the filter can be primed and so the risk of the high pressure pump being run dry is minimized. There are two fuel lines attached to the filter with arrows indicating the direction of the fuel flow. The line that runs from the filter to the high pressure pump has a relief valve – it looks like a black plastic fastener – on it. Open the relief valve about one turn and pump the manual pump at the filter mount until fuel comes out of the valve. Close the valve and continue to pump until the plunger stops going down. Have one person start the engine while another continues to pump until the engine fires up. If the engine stalls, repeat the process until it runs smoothly.

Is it correct that there is no fuel filter on a 2007 GMC Sierra with a 5.3 flexi fuel engine? Are there any other fuel related filters that need to be changed?

There is no replaceable fuel filter on the 5.3 engine, only the 6.6 one has a GMC fuel filter. GMC stopped fitting fuel filters to gas engines in 2004. The only fuel system filter is the one on the fuel pump inside the fuel tank and this does not require replacement.

The fuel filter of any vehicle is often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. A dirty or defective filter can affect gas mileage and engine performance and can also cause the vehicle to stop working without warning. When faced with GMC fuel filter maintenance and replacement issues, it is best to obtain the insights and opinions of Experts to ensure that the right actions are taken.
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