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Nissan Frontier Problems

Are there warning codes that need address on your Nissan? Are you having trouble with the battery? Need troubleshooting tips for your Nissan Frontier? This compact pickup is known for its amazing off-roading capabilities. If you are having Nissan Frontier problems and require technical assistance you can ask Experts.

Listed below are common questions on Nissan Frontier repair and other issues answered by Experts.

What could be causing a 2008 Nissan Frontier to turn over but will not start?

If the battery is low it will cause the security system not to function properly and the truck will not start. This issue could also be caused by missing fuel or spark. Try putting a fully charged battery in the truck and if the problem still persists you need to perform a fuel pressure test.

Is the code P1446 the cause for the Nismo cruise control not working on a 2005 Nissan Frontier?

To determine why the cruise control is not working, use a scanner to monitor the electronic throttle chamber to see if it is working properly as it controls the cruise control. Also, check the cruise control switch, which is located near the brake pedal. If the ASCD cancel switch fails, it will not allow the cruise control to set and also won’t set any codes. A P1446 code indicates a problem with the vent control valve and is not related to the cruise control system.

What is preventing the rotor on a newly replaced distributor from turning and has no spark on a 2001 Nissan Frontier?

If the rotor is not turning when you are turning over the truck it could be because the timing belt is broken. When the timing belt is loose and ready to break it vibrates through the distributor, which may cause you to believe that there is some problem with the distributor. Don’t crank your Frontier engine anymore as in doing so you may damage the engine. Fix the timing belt and see how your Nissan Frontier runs. If it runs rough then there may be some bent valves.

How to replace the oil pump on a Nissan Frontier?

To replace the oil pump remove the timing cover and belt and locate the pump. Then remove the oil pan in order to remove the oil pick-up so you can unbolt the oil pump and remove it.

Why does the heat in my 2007 Nissan Frontier only work when it is moving?

In most cases this happens when there is an air pocket in the cooling system. You will need to burp the cooling system using a coolant bucket. Elevate the front end of the truck, remove the radiator cap and put on the coolant bucket. Proceed to add the coolant bucket and let it run with the heat on full blast. While the air works out of the system, the coolant will replace the air from the bucket. Once it stops bubbling rev the engine to 2000 RPM and hold it for a few minutes till all the trapped air is released. It will start burping once it is warmed up and the thermostat is open.

Learning a few basic auto maintenance tips will ensure that your Nissan Frontier performs better and stays on the road longer. To learn more about Nissan Frontier repair and for easy troubleshooting tips it is highly recommended to contact an Expert.
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