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Front Tooth Problems

Individuals faced with front tooth issues may have been left with questions on what they are experiencing. Uncertainties if front tooth pain could be caused by nerve damage or tooth damage or what glue could be used to replace a veneer that popped off a front tooth often lead to questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

If an individual fell and is experiencing pain to their front tooth whereas the tooth is not loose nor cracked, could there be nerve damage or tooth damage that is causing the pain to the front tooth?

Even though your front tooth is not visibly cracked or loose to the touch, the individual should still be checked by a dentist. The dentist upon an oral examination may additionally choose to do an x-ray to check for possible root fractures or even damage to nearby teeth. An x-ray at this point maybe helpful to compare against future x-rays as well. The dentist will check the impact of the fall on the front tooth, look for any cuts, check for swelling or bleeding of any of the soft tissues, and test for sensitivity to hot and cold. If swelling is found, it can be indicative of injury to the pulp. Seeing a dentist can make the diagnosis much more clear and precise.

A small corner portion of my front tooth porcelain crown chipped off. Can the crown be glued on to help a front tooth repair to the crown?

In many situations porcelain piece of a porcelain crown cannot be glued back on. In some cases dentists can trim down the porcelain with good success rates. The front tooth should still be protected and a full replacement is not needed unless it is for cosmetic purposes. Another solution that may work involves bonding the front tooth crown with a colored composite material into the fracture.

What glue can I use to replace the veneer that popped off my front tooth?

It is not recommended to fix the veneer yourself. If you try to cement the veneer it makes it impossible for the dentist to properly fix the veneer. There is also a risk you are taking when you try to glue it yourself that you place it crookedly. If this were to happen then the veneer would need to be cut off a remade. A dentist will be able to re-etch and re-bond the materials properly.

Is a root canal necessary to a crown on a front tooth that has been in place for over 30 years that has always been red around the tooth, but never any pain?

Redness around a crown is not typically indicative of a tooth that needs to have a root canal. Indications for treatment by root canal include swelling, pain to heat, tooth mobility, evidence from an x-ray, tooth pain, etc. If you are unsure of what your dentist is suggesting then you should ask the dentist to show you the x-ray and why the dentist believes you need a root canal. If you are still uncertain after the explanation you are always free to go to another dentist office and seek a second opinion. Redness alone around a crown is more indicative of a gum problem or a problem with the crown margin.

My front tooth has a crown and I feel it coming away from my gums. Can I use the temporary filling and permanent filling material that I have on hand to keep it in?

Temporary dental filling material is available for purchase over the counter and can be used to close any gaps at the crown margin. This can temporary fix the issue you have with the gap but it does not help in diagnosing why the gap is occurring. Factors including but not limited to gum recession or tooth decay could be the cause. A dentist would be able to diagnose this for you during a checkup.

Obtaining the correct information and knowledge of front tooth issues can help when faced with situations that involve the front tooth. Experts can help answer questions about front tooth pain or front tooth repair. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.
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