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Front Load Washer Problems

A washing machine is used to launder clothing using water as the primary cleaning agent accompanied with soap or detergent. The front load machine has the inner basket and outer tub mounted horizontally. The loading is done through a door at the front of the machine which may not be transparent in all models. Agitation obtained from the rotation of the cylinder cleans the clothes. Common washing machine problems are leakage, noise or display errors. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on front load washer problems.

Why is a front load washing machine leaking?

To fix this problem you need to identify the source of the leak. To check this, you should remove the three screws below the lower front panel which will come down and then off. Next pull the washing machine forward and remove the three screws from the back panel. Once they are removed the top panel will come off easily. Now you have the view of the inside, look for the leak. It would most likely be from the front rubber door gasket. If this is accurate, you need to replace the gasket. If the leak is from elsewhere, fix the leak or replace the part in case it cannot be fixed.

A Kenmore front load washing machine’s front panel is flashing all lights above pause/cancel and start buttons, four times along with a beep noise. Next just the lights above “Start” flash twice. What does this error mean?

Your washing machine is flashing a fault code. As per the technical sheet, the fault code is E42. This code implies the door lock or control board is faulty. To confirm this you need to run specific tests for each. Disconnect the power and try to open the door, if it opens, the control board is the problem. If the door remains closed and you are unable to open it, the door lock is defective. In your particular case based on the symptoms, the issue could be the control board. You may need to replace it for it to work. This is an easy component to replace and can be done by you. You first need to remove the top of the washer to reach the screws which hold the control panel and board in position.

On a Frigidaire Affinity front load machine is there a manual door lock release since the door lock seems to be stuck?

The wax motor could have failed and may need to be replaced. For the particular machine you have, there is no manual release. You need to access the lock assembly by unplugging the machine, removing the screws along the back of the cover and sliding it off. You can access the assembly from the top. If you are uncomfortable to do so, you could try to open the washer door by using force since the lock would have to be replaced. To do so, try putting the machine on an end cycle. Once you hear the buzzing noise, pull the door using a quick jerking motion. If it opens, the lock can be replaced which is simple-two screws need to be removed from the front, unplug the old wires and install the new lock assembly.

Why is A Frigidaire front load washer not spinning? It stops once it reaches the spin cycle.

This is a fairly common problem among these machines. There is PTC (positive temperature coefficient) sensor inbuilt at the door latch assembly. The function it performs is that the machine checks the sensor relay before going into the spin cycle. If the sensor has failed or does not give the accurate reading, even though the door has locked, the machine will shut off early. To fix this problem you need to replace the door latch assembly behind the front panel.

Why does a Samsung front load emit a bad odor? Is there something wrong with it? What can an individual do to fix this?

This is one of the most common problems with front load washing machines since the doors seal shut causing moisture retention leading to a build-up of a bad odor. The smell emanates from the space between the inner and outer tube. Ideally to avoid this problem you should leave the door slightly open when the machine is not in use to avoid a humid environment. Apart from this, using a cleaning product, available at leading stores, once a month will help arrest the issue. These stores also have “cleaning tablets” which can be used on an empty cycle to clean out the washer. In case your machine is less than a year old, you can have it serviced.

Front load machine issues can be several. Minor issues can be resolved by you if you are comfortable to do so while others require professional intervention. Diagnosing the problem area is the key to fixing the issue. The information and guidance is required to resolve these issues can be obtained from Experts.
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