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Front Load Dryer Related Questions

Front load dryers are drying machines where the opening to the tub is at the front as opposed to the top portion of the appliance. These dryers are used to dry washed clothes usually from a washing machine. Majority of the dryers typically have a rotating drum referred to as a tumbler through which heated air is circulated to evaporate the moisture content from the load. Front load dryers could be electric or gas dryers. Based on the type of appliance you own the problems could defer.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on front load dryer.

Why does my Fisher-Paykel front load dryer get wet on the door, interior and at the back of the drum when left idle? It dries clothes fine and the venting system is checked and clean.

The moisture or wetness you are experiencing on the doors and interior of the front load dryer is due to the accumulation of lint. During a drying cycle once the air circulates through the clothes and the lint filter, it enters a box where the blower fan is present. From here the air gets eliminated through the metal exhaust tube into the external hose and vent. When there is lint build up in the blower box and the dryer has cooled, the moisture from the lint condenses into the interiors of the dryer. To eradicate this problem, try using a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool to reach and clean behind the lint filter. The blower box cannot be accessed directly without disassembling the front of the dryer.

Why won’t my Maytag front load dryer power up? The lights come on at the round dial but only flash.

The light which is flashing around the knob is not an error code for this model of dryer. It actually indicates a short circuited display control board. You could try unplugging the unit for 60 seconds to check if the electronics reset. If that does not help, you will need to order and replace the display control board for the issue to be resolved.

Why is my Amana front load dryer starting to make a rumbling noise shortly after it starts up?

A “rumbling” noise can be made either by the blower wheel or one of the rollers under the drums. You would need to disassemble the dryer to check the blower wheel. Sometimes they can deteriorate on the motor shaft since they are made from plastic. If your blower wheel is worn out, replace it. If the blower wheel is fine, disconnect the belt and remove the drum. Spin the two drum rollers under the drum and check if either one is unstable. Once you know which wheel is unstable, you can replace it.

Why do all lights flash on my front load dryer irrespective of it being on or not? When it is not drying, the cool down light flashes and sometimes the lint trap light as well.

This is an indication that the dryer perceives the internal thermistor has short circuited. The reason the lights flash and beep as well is because the thermistor is signaling that the dryer is too hot. To check, tip the dryer back slightly till you see two screws at the bottom left and right hand corners of the lower front panel. Remove the screws to remove the lower panel. You can now access the thermistor. Order a new part and replace it to make the unit work again. In case this does not resolve the issue, you probably need a new interface control board since your current one is not reading the thermistor accurately.

My GE front load dryer is making a rattling noise when it has load inside it. What could it be and is there a simple solution?

Since the unit is not making the noise when it is empty, the problem could be the suspension parts becoming faulty due to the additional tension applied on the belt. Hence it is may not be the belt which is making the noise but either the idler tension pulley or the teflon bearing around the rear drum shaft which could be corroding and producing this sound. In most cases, it could be the bearing.

Front load dryers offer their unique advantages as well as issues. The common problems listed above are only a few compared to the range of other front load dryer problems that can crop up. It is not an easy task to disassemble these dryers and though minor issues can be resolved by you if you are comfortable to do so, you will still need step by step instructions to do it right. Diagnosing and isolating the problem area or component is the key to fixing the issue. The help and guidance required to resolve these issues can be obtained from Experts.
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