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Employee Fringe Benefits

What are fringe benefits? Are there different types of fringe benefits and are there non taxable fringe benefits? Often these types of questions arise when employed. Below are some of the top fringe benefits related legal questions that have been answered by Experts.

When someone has a Prevailing Wage Project and the employees fringe is more than the stated fringe, can the person take their entire fringe amount from the whole package?

In most cases, due to the fact that fringe benefits can be added in to determine the prevailing wage; it can be deducted as well. However, each employer can differ in the way that fringe benefits are computed.

Are all employees entitled to the same pay and same fringe benefits?

Not all employees are entitled to the same pay for the same job. Other factors like tenure, experience, qualifications, etc. can make the rate of pay different.

If someone that lives and works in Nebraska and is on a pay scale job are the fringe benefits taxable??

Yes the employer has the right to tax fringe benefits. Fringe benefits are taxable and the IRS requires they be included in income and taxed the same as wages.

If a small company that has less than 10 employees, is the employer now required to pay out accrued vacation and/or sick pay at termination when there is no employee handbook, no written statement to this effect and no prior history of paying these items? (Understand there may be a new update, which could affect this).

Upon termination “wages” that are payable include fringe benefits. It doesn’t matter whether they are in writing or not, what counts is that they are granted and accrued. You can see the statue that applies by going to: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4113.15

My employer reports our payroll deductions for qualified fringe benefits on an after tax basis. If they are aware that the employees qualify to have this deducted on a pre-tax basis, are they allowed continuing deducting it on an after-tax basis?

You should report it to the state labor department and the tax authorities. Inquiry from them and he will change his ways.

Many questions come to mind when dealing with employment and fringe benefits before taking on employment. By asking an Expert, you can get your specific questions answered fast and affordably.
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