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Freckles Treatment

Freckles are a product of concentrated melanin and generally affect people with light skin tones. The medical term for a freckle is an ephelis. There are various freckle treatments available. To learn more about freckle treatments, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by Experts.

Is there a permanent removal treatment for freckles?

Many people have freckles and while some people are not bothered by them, they can be embarrassing to others. People who live in hotter tropical climates tend to have darker skin due to an over abundance of melanocyte cells, meant to protect the skin from too much sun exposure. However, people with light skin have the same pigments but it appears in tiny clusters, freckles, rather than an overall appearance. Some people can inherit freckles. While this isn't a disease or disorder, freckles tend to create a cosmetic issue for some people.

For less invasive removal treatments try a chemical peel, that helps remove the layer of skin affected by the freckles or light laser treatments such as PPx that just lighten the freckles. Both of these have a very short recovery time. There is also a more invasive laser treatment that destroys the melanocyte cells and hinders melanin production. This treatment is effective and generally lasts for several years. However the effects may depend upon how often the patient is exposed to the sun. The recovery time for this treatment is generally 7-10 days.

Can freckles between toes become cancerous?

In most cases freckles found between the toes are often removed. The first reason is melanomas found in this area seem to be aggressive. Another is it is rather hard to determine if the spot is benign or malignant in this particular location. The removal of the freckle is rather painless and quick and most doctors encourage their patients to have the freckle removed as a safeguard.

How can someone get rid of freckles due to sun exposure?

There are various creams and lotions on the market that work toward removing freckles. Of course the person is generally encouraged to use a strong sun block with an SPF of at least 50 on a regular basis. This may help in avoiding future freckles. There are night creams available such as Iklen melanoexpert, Clairol C10 cream, or Bioaches emulsion. Or try an oral antioxidant 4000 which is made in the U.S. by Puritans Pride. More invasive and expensive options include chemical peels or laser therapy.

Is there a home remedy for a blood freckle on the lip that started bleeding due to chapped lips?

A blood freckle on the lip is known as an angioma. If the angioma bleeds due to cracked lips but hasn't changed, lip balm may be used to soften the chapped lips. Generally the angioma will stop bleeding once the chapped lips have been treated. However, one may make an appointment with a dermatologist if the angioma has grown or continues to bleed.

Millions of people have freckles and while many people find them to be endearing, those who have them may not agree. Many questions arise when a person wishes to have freckles removed. If a person has questions or concerns regarding freckle treatment, ask an expert for medical insight.
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