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Laws Against Fraud

Fraud can be committed knowingly or unknowingly. One must be aware of the full consequences and legal implications of certain actions to avoid penalties for fraud. The statute of codes differs from state to state and also by the type of fraud committed, resulting in many questions that are widely and frequently asked online. Asking an attorney for advice on a specific question about fraud can be expensive. The legal Experts on JustAnswer provide fast and affordable answers related to fraud. Below are the top five questions asked frequently on JustAnswer.

Is there a law in California that allows a public company to be sued for fraud?

Government agencies can be sued for fraud within three years from the date of discovery of fraud. However in California, one needs to file a claim within six months of the date of discovering fraud under the “California Tort Claims Act”. Due to an administrative requirement called “Statute of Repose” you need to contact the agency you want to sue and ask them for a Claim form, which should be available from them or should be downloadable from their website.

For federal agencies you need to submit a claim under the “Federal Torts Claim Act”. Upon denial of the claim from the agency, you can approach the superior court in the county. You need to be cautious while filing claims as federal claims are different than state claims. If you are not sure how your state handles public companies fraud, feel free to ask a Lawyer.

Why are most contracts in purview of the statute of Frauds?

Some contracts should be in writing because verbal contracts are often disputable and non-transparent. The process consumes a lot of the court’s valuable time. Therefore, to avoid confusion and ensure transparency, most contracts are only enforced if they are made in writing. Ask legal experts on JustAnswer to know more about the codes related to fraud.

What are the consequences and penalties of mortgage fraud?

Depending on the value of the fraud and the incidents involved, punishment for mortgage fraud can include jail time, probation, significant fines and fees, restitution, and in extreme cases, forfeiture of property.

Mortgage fraud sentences like fines and restitution may be ordered in simpler, low value types of mortgage fraud. You can seek more information about your specific situation from Lawyers. The Experts are verified lawyers and can answer your questions on mortgage related frauds.

How is return fraud committed in stores?

There are various modes of return fraud committed in stores. Some of the common methods are:

  • Stealing merchandise from stores and then returning it for credit or refund.
  • Purchasing similar merchandise at different prices and returning the lower priced item as the higher priced item.
  • Using stolen merchandise and then returning it as unused and claiming the money.

Return fraud is prosecuted as theft if a store catches it. If you are looking for more information, you can ask Lawyers. The Experts can give you fast, easy and affordable answers to your questions about return fraud.

How can I report fraud related to marriage to an illegal immigrant?

You can report a fraud related to marriage with an illegal immigrant by calling the 800 number on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website. You have to make sure to provide necessary evidence and witnesses to back up your statements. If you have more specific questions, feel free to contact Legal Experts on JustAnswer.

The only way to protect yourself against fraud is to ensure you are legally well informed. Consulting a lawyer for every doubt and question can be an expensive proposition. You could ask a Lawyer for quick and affordable answers and expert insights. These can even help you take a decision on whether or not you need to retain the services of an attorney.

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