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Foster Dog Care

Foster dogs are dogs that are in need of home and care until they can be adopted. They are typically placed in a foster care homes. Some foster dogs stay with foster dog caregivers for a short period of time and some foster dogs may end up being a new family pet of the foster family. The uncertainties that come along with caring for a foster dog often lead to questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

Are antibiotics good to give a foster dog that was exposed to kennel cough?

In many cases where a foster dog was exposed to kennel cough, the foster dog may not even develop any symptoms of the kennel cough. The bacterium that causes kennel cough is present on the tips of small hairs in the trachea. Antibiotics may not be able to reach them there. Generally kennel cough will improve without any help.

What are some ways to give a new foster dog cough syrup?

Having a new foster dog can be tricky when administering medication as you may not yet know how the foster dog will react. There are a few ways that you can attempt to give the cough syrup. Currently on the market there are cough tabs. Many have found this to be a fairly easy way to administer cough medicine. You can also mix the liquid cough syrup with a jar of baby food.

Is it considered normal behavior for a foster dog to become anxious and begin to attack another dog in which the foster dog has been housed before with this type of dog?

This behavior is not just a foster dog behavior but is a new dog in the new house behavior. It seems as if both dogs are trying to discern who the alpha dog will be. In your old house the order of dominance was pre-established when the foster dog came into the picture. You may have to wait it out until the alpha dog is determined.

What symptoms should I expect from my 30 pound foster dog eating 30mg of Adderall?

Adderall is an amphetamine. It will commonly produce speed like symptoms. Side effects can include high agitation, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure. It is likely that you will start to see your foster dog come down from these symptoms shortly unless it was a slow release formula of Adderall.

My foster dog is taking fluoxetine (10 mg) once a day for separation anxiety. Can I stop giving it or do I have to slowly wean the dog off the medicine?

You will want to slowly wean your foster dog of the fluoxetine. Generally the correct percentage of weaning is 25% or less reduction a week. The first week you would give your foster dog 7.5mg for the entire week. The second week you will administer 5mg for the entire week and the last week 2.5mg. After the last week you could then give 2.5mg every other day for a week.

Knowing good information about foster dog care and the foster dog itself can help greatly when dealing with questions about foster dog problems. Experts can help with the process on how to foster a dog or give information about foster dog issues. Get the answers to your inquiries by asking an Expert.
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