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Foster Adoption & Fost-Adopt Questions

Fostering a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences a person can know. Adopting a foster child gives the parents and the child a more permanent family structure. There are many steps to take while attempting to adopt a foster child, some of which may be confusing to the parents. When parents need answers to the questions, they want fast and informative information pertaining to their situation. Below are five of the most commonly asked questions about foster adoption.

Are foster adoption children considered dependents for tax purposes?

This is a commonly asked question about fost-adopt children. There are several requirements for the child to be qualified as a dependent. Age of the child, relationship, and length of stay in the household are a few of the questions that must be addressed. As long as the child had resided in the residence for 6 months out of the year or longer, 50% of living expenses was paid by the foster adoption parent, and no one else can claim the child as a dependant, then the child can be claimed on taxes.

Can grandparents adopt a grandchild who is in foster care and up for adoption?

Many grandparents have adopted grandchildren who were in foster care or up for adoption. Most agencies prefer a child be placed with a family member. The welfare of the child is always first priority when it comes to being placed in a home.

A foster parent wants to adopt an 8 month old boy who has been in their care since he was 8 weeks old. The court has just terminated parental rights. A cousin to the child has requested to foster the child. Is there anything the foster parent can do to stop this from happening?

In most situations, the state attempts to place children with family. The child’s best interest is considered first priority. Exceptions can be made if the family member has been proven a threat to the child or is unable to provide for the child. There are steps that can be taken to gain custody and many times may need legal counsel.

My nephew is in foster care and I wish to adopt him. Are home studies a requirement for adoption?

Home studies are preformed for several reasons. The study is to ensure that the environment in which the child will be placed is safe and that the parents are properly prepared for a child. The child’s best interest is always the utmost importance and is ensured through the home studies. Social Services require a home study for all prospective adoptions.

Adoption not only gives adoptive parents the joy of bringing up a child as their own, it also gives a child a home and parental care. However, when opting for foster adoption or any other form of adoption, it is important to be aware of the legal issues and get clarity on the various legal aspects of the adoption. Each individual circumstance can be unique and there could be legal implications depending on your situation. Laws can vary from place to place, further complicating matters. When you need clarity about your own foster adoption case, you could ask an Expert to evaluate your case particulars and provide legal insight that could help you decide on a course of action.
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