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IRS Form 4506

The IRS Form 4506 is a form that can be completed and sent to the IRS to obtain a copy of a past tax return. It is called a Request for Copy of Tax Return and a fee of $39 per tax year requested is generally charged with the form. Once the form is submitted, the copies can take up to 60 days to receive. If you only want a tax transcript, you can file IRS Form 4506-T. Transcripts can be requested free of charge and typically take up to two weeks to receive from the IRS. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issue related to Form 4506.

Does the IRS give an individual copies of their past tax returns if they lost theirs?

The IRS can provide a copy of tax returns that were filed for the past five years by an individual, or on their behalf, for a certain fee. The form that the IRS requires to be filled out and sent to them along with the fee is Form 4506. An individual can obtain this form from the IRS website and mail it to them. The IRS will then mail them a copy of their past tax return. For more information, visit:  

I need to check my 2010 income but I lost my Form W-2. What can I do about this?

You can obtain income information from either your employer or from the IRS. You can ask your employer to issue a replacement Form W-2. Alternatively, you can contact the IRS. They will require you to pay a fee, complete Form 4506 and file it with them to receive a copy of your past tax return which will include your Form W-2.

The State of Georgia sent me a notice that said I owed taxes for 2004. When I called my ex-employer, she gave me my Form W-2 from 2007. How can I get the correct information? And can I receive a copy of my past tax return as well?

Individuals can contact the IRS or their state agencies to obtain this kind of information. If you fill in Form 4506, enclose the required fee and submit it, the IRS will then send you a copy of your full tax return which will include attachments like the Form W-2. The IRS also provides a service where they can provide copies of just your Form W-2s for the past ten years. However, if you request your Form W-2s from the IRS, they may not have much state information and you would need to contact the state agency for that information. To know more,

I submitted copies of my tax returns when I applied for a loan with a mortgage company. Now they also need me to sign Form 4506-T. Is this mandatory?

Mortgage companies often require loan applicants to sign IRS Form 4056-T.This form will give them access to the transcript of your return. However, it will not give them access to any attachments that may have been included. Although it is not legally mandatory for you to sign Form 4056-T, you do risk being turned down for the loan if you do not follow their policies and procedures.

While Form 4506 is helpful in obtaining a copy of a past tax return, taxpayers may still have questions regarding how to fill it in, how many years of tax returns they can request for, how soon they will receive their tax return and so on. Some of the questions above may have clarified these doubts but other questions you have may be more specific to your case. Direct your queries to the Lawyers on JustAnswer who can offer professional insights and opinions at an affordable cost.
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