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Foreskin Problems

The double layer of skin and mucous membrane that covers the penis is referred to as the foreskin. This is flexible and acts like a natural lubricant. The length of the foreskin can differ in individuals. Problems to the foreskin can give a rise to various questions like the cause of the problems, their treatment and side effects of the treatments. Listed below are some of the questions that have been answered by Experts.

What could cause tears in the foreskin and frenulum during intercourse?

The most common cause of tears in the foreskin and frenulum during intercourse is a long term infection which affects the foreskin’s elasticity. The repeated injuries to the penis can lead to many micro injuries which cause scarring. Since scar tissue is less elastic, it becomes plastic and tears easily.

What is balanitis?

Balanitis is a condition that causes inflammation in the foreskin and glans penis. If someone develops this condition, they may have to visit an urologist to get an exam of the penis. Often, the individual will require a circumcision to remove the affected part of the foreskin.

What causes the foreskin to come out completely and leave the penis exposed?

The condition that causes the foreskin to come back completely and leave the penis exposed is called paraphimosis. Someone should go to an urologist to get this condition treated. If the foreskin has been retracted for a long period of time, it can cause pain. If this condition is left untreated, the foreskin can swell to the extent that it will cut off the blood supply to the head of the penis and kill the tissue causing the head of the penis to fall off.

Can Enterococcous UTI cause itching and swelling of the foreskin?

Enterococcous UTI (urinary tract infection) may not cause itching and swelling of the foreskin. These symptoms may likely be caused by a yeast infection.

What can cause a foreskin to attach to the glans of the penis?

The foreskin can become attached to the glans of the penis if there is an adhesion. Someone may visit an urologist who will gently free up the foreskin with local anesthesia. The adhesion can be prevented from reoccurring by pulling the foreskin everyday while in the shower.

Is it normal for to get flat white bumps inside the foreskin?

It can be normal for someone to develop flat white bumps or nodules inside the foreskin of the penis. These bumps are called pearly penile papules. Sometimes, these bumps can also appear on the shaft of the penis. These bumps are not dangerous and can be left untreated.

What can cause swelling on the foreskin with a hard vein from the base?

The swelling on the foreskin along with a protruding hard vein from the base could be because of a blood clot in the vein under the surface of the penis. This is caused by a condition called Mondor’s disease that is a result of vigorous masturbation or prolonged erections. There can be nothing that can be done to reduce the clot and the body can take up to four months to dissolve it. The individual can use a warm compress to reduce the swelling and refrain from sexual activity till the swelling goes down. Individuals should visit an urologist if the swelling increases.

What are the symptoms of a fungal infection in the foreskin?

The foreskin can be red and may peel out if someone has a fungal infection. Individuals can use an anti-fungal or steroid cream such as Mycolog cream to treat this infection.

What could cause injury to the foreskin?

Injury to the foreskin can be caused because of various reasons such as an STD (sexual transmitted disease) or a non-STD infection, trauma or friction. An individual can visit a doctor and get a swab test done to find out the exact cause of the injury. Individuals can also apply an anti-bacterial cream such as Neosporin to clear the injury.

Injury or trauma to the foreskin can be painful. It is important to treat this on time in order to avoid further complications. It may not always be possible for you to understand the seriousness of the injury or infection to the foreskin. You may have many questions specific to your symptoms. At such times, speaking to an Expert and getting all your questions about foreskin problems answered can be helpful.
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