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Forensic Questions

Forensics is the act of gathering and studying evidence that would product facts that are used in legal proceedings. Forensics are generally associated with crime scenes and criminal investigations, yet there are many forms of forensics. Forensic accounting, network or computer forensics, and forensic engineering are just a few of the specialized fields of forensics. Forensic interviews are generally centered on child protective service investigations while a forensic audit deals with finances or property matters. To learn more about forensics, take a look at the questions below that have been answered you Experts.

I need to know if a forensic loan audit on my mortgage note would help a lawyer file a law suit against American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc (a debt collecting company)

Usually, a forensic loan audit is the only way an attorney could approach a lawsuit. The audit would enable the attorney to learn the issues of the mortgage and the closing documents. Without an audit of the closing document, the attorney would be unable to bring action against the mortgage service. It is possible that you can find many mistakes in the closing documents that you strengthen your case. With the results of a forensic audit, the attorney would be able to file the lawsuit if the mortgage company was unwilling to settle the matter out of court.

Doe my child have to participate in a forensic interview in GA if he/she doesn't want to?

In most cases a child will need to participate in a forensic interview. The interview is necessary for the state to collect important information from the child. Due to the child being a minor, they would not be allowed to refuse the interview. If the state allowed children to refuse the forensic interview, it could possibly allow the child's parents an opportunity to pressure the child, making it nearly impossible for the state to investigate allegations. Usually, the forensic interview is done in a way that is least traumatic to the child. If the parents deny access to the child for the interview, the authorities will be involved.

I had a forensic mortgage violation assessment screening done and now that I have the results what would be my next step?

What you do with the results will depend on what was found. If there are violations of the Trust in Lending Act or consumer protection laws, you will need to file a lawsuit against the lender. It will depend on the nature of the violations as to how you would proceed. You may want to contact a consumer protection lawyer to assist you in how to proceed.

Will Forensic Mortgage Audits really do what they claim to reduce mortgage interest rates, and even reduce monies owed?

Usually, the people who charge an upfront fee for an audit and claim they can reduce mortgage rates and reduce the amounts owed with loan modifications very rarely follow up on their claims. There is a very small chance that these people would be able to find anything that would help. You would be better off to apply for a loan modification on your own.

Forensics is the science of gathering important information to use for a legal procedure. Many people are unaware of the importance of forensics. If you have issues with a bank or lender and are unsure how to go about finding someone to assist you with an audit, you should ask an Expert. By consulting an Expert, you can be assured experienced legal insight that can help you proceed with your individual situation.
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