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Ford Falcon Troubleshooting

Need to restart an immobilized Ford Falcon? Or, need to know why the clutch on the Ford Falcon is slipping continually? On many occasions, there may be a need to troubleshoot Ford Falcon problems which can vary based on the model and condition. In such situations, it is helpful to have information and simple steps to diagnose and repair the problem. Though there may be different sources to obtain information, insights from Experts at a nominal cost can be helpful.

Listed below are a few questions answered by Experts for Falcon car owners.

How to restart a Ford Falcon with a locked out engine immobilizer?

The main way to overcome this is through the use of a diagnostic scan tool. This tool communicates directly with the security function that is present in the ECU. However, it is also common for the engine to get disabled due to a low battery. A low voltage can cause problems with the key recognition function. To fix this, the positive and negative from the battery should be removed and charged for a couple of hours. If this is not successful the vehicle would need to be connected to a Ford IDS scan tool. Mobile auto electricians or locksmiths carry this equipment.

Why is the Ford Falcon giving electric shocks while driving?

This can occur due to a defective body ground in which one of the ground wires has gotten loose, no longer secure or has shorted. Normally, numerous ground wires are present inside the body of the Falcon, namely; behind the dash, behind the A-pillar, behind each kick panel and some beneath the carpet. These wires need to be checked one at a time until the faulty one is discovered and repaired as needed.

What causes the clutch on the Ford Falcon to slip continually, despite being replaced?

If the clutch was not adjusted properly during the recent replacement, the thrust bearing could be partially decompressing the diaphragm spring leading to easy slippage. The extent of damage depends on the amount of slippage. Slipping of the clutch can wear the friction plate prematurely and overheat the clutch overall, causing more problems. To fix this, the clutch should be set up where it is engaging when the pedal is just off the completely depressed position. While pushing the pedal to the floor, you should notice free play in the pedal before any resistance is felt. The problem could be a broken pressure plate spring that can weaken the grip force of the clutch substantially. The first thing to ensure is that the clutch is not partially disengaged due to incorrect thrust setup. Also, check for free movement between the thrust bearing and the pressure plate spring. If this seems fine, there would be a need for another clutch.

Why is the new battery on the Ford Falcon going flat?

Case Details: The amps drawn with the ignition off is 0.1amps.

Based on the amp reading obtained, it seems to be high implying that the Falcon is experiencing a drain. Using the multimeter used to obtain the previous amp reading, systematically start removing one fuse at a time in both fuse boxes (at the driver’s right knee and below the bonnet) and check to see when the current drain reduces. Eventually, you would need to remove the fuse for the circuit that remains live and then check the fault further. If nothing is noticed with the fuses check the relays. It could be the relay associated with that particular circuit. Check that relay as soon as you find an offending fuse instead of moving to the circuit straight.

What makes the Ford Falcon operating on factory gas difficult to start?

Case Details: The ignition is turned on and cranked, but it does not start.

LPG vehicles use an expansion chamber which allows the liquid to expand to gas. These converters are usually integrated into the coolant circuit since the conditions can get very cold. Expanding liquid converting to gas can freeze the converter solid without the heat from the coolant. However, expansion of this liquid can create a byproduct of dissolved wax deposits contained within the converter. These wax deposits tend to melt when warm leading to problems with starting. Once the converter heats longer, the wax melts and allowing for more flow. An LPG mechanic needs to be contacted to get the fuel system serviced. The converter should be stripped clean and rebuilt.

How to replace the fuel pump on a 1993 Ford Falcon?

Case Details: The boot cover and hose clamp have been taken off.

With the above two covers removed, the top of the tank through the floor and cover which houses the pump should be visible. At the exterior of the cover there should be a threaded locking mechanism. Though Ford typically, has a special tool to turn this mechanism it can be carried out using two large screwdrivers as well. The locking mechanism can be undone in the anti-clockwise direction if the two screwdrivers are crossed and ends are inserted into the opposite sides of the piece which turns on the locking mechanism. Then to turn it, use the two screwdrivers against each other.

Listed above is a reminder of the variety of questions and problems that can arise with the Ford Falcon. There may be other issues which are not covered in this article. To know more about any particular problem and question you are facing with your Ford Falcon and obtain customized answers, contact Experts. Mechanical Experts can provide assistance from the comfort of your home in a quick and reasonable manner. 

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