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Food Stamp Fraud Related Questions

What is Food Stamp Fraud?

Public Assistance or Food Stamp fraud is the deliberate falsification, cover up or withholding of data in order to obtain any, or enlarged, public help or food stamp benefits. If the individual deliberately sign any paper (for example an application for help, a survey, or recertification papers) in which the data in the documents are not true, the individual has committed fraud. This is correct even if the individual never ended up getting any public help or food stamps at all.

How to report Food Stamp Fraud, if someone knows of somebody committing this crime?

Get in touch with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at their toll-free number at 1-800-447-8477. Supply the representative with a short report of the Food Stamp fraud. Make sure that the report contains precise examples where the individual has observed the abuse. Present the representative the accused party’s contact data. Present the representative the individual’s contact data so that way they can be able to get in touch with the individual with extra questions.

If someone was being investigated for food stamp fraud in the state of New York, for the first time, what are someone’s rights and what are the penalties if found guilty?

With this being the individual’s first offense, and only being investigated, they may allow them to make restitution and not apply for food stamps for one year. Should they decide to criminally charge the individual, it would be likely they would face a period of probation and restitution.

Can someone’s income tax be garnished if they pled no contest to food stamp fraud in 1995 served a prison sentence, but wasn’t ordered to pay restitution?

Yes. Even with no restitutions, being ordered the guilty verdict permits the state to get back the cash that the individual stole. There was probably a hearing on the issue while the individual was in prison, which permitted the lien for the garnishment.

If someone was charged with food stamp trafficking by the state two days later the party was picked up and taking to jail for food stamps fraud. The party is a storeowner what is the difference and can they do that?

The charge of food stamp trafficking is for the selling of food stamps. The charge of food stamp fraud is for signing paperwork that pertains to food stamps in which the information is not true. In most cases where there is trafficking there is also the ability to charge food stamp fraud, because the paperwork has to be filled out to receive payment for the food stamps and the information on it would be false.

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