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Food Processor Repair

A food processor is an appliance used to perform repetitive actions in the process of preparing food. Although food processors are comparable to blenders they differ in terms of the interchangeable blades, disks and attachments they come with. They have shorter, bulkier bowls which are more suitable for the solid or semi solid ingredients which are generally used in them. Addition of liquids to mix the ingredients may be minimal or unnecessary in food processors. Food processors are usually electric motor driven units.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on food processor repair.

A Kitchenaid food processors drive adapter is stuck, what can be done to fix this?

The individual can try twisting the adapter and pulling it out. If that does not work, if the food processor is still under warranty and may also have a 30 day exchange option, the individual could exchange it for another piece. The unit will need to be dismantled completely for the adapter to be loosened and removed.

The bowl of a food processor has been wrongly screwed on. How can I get it off?

You would be aware that the switch should click in place or needs to close when the bowl is placed correctly. Until this is in position, the processor will not run. If you feel the bowl was forced into position inaccurately, most likely using force may help it come off. You can try having someone else hold the unit while another twists the bowl off. If you manage to pull the bowl off without damaging the switch or bowl itself the unit should work fine when you install the bowl correctly the next time.

What can be done if the stem of the food processor which extends to the slicing disk is wedged in where it is not coming off the machine’s base?

There is a possibility it could have started to slip into the hex shaft. One option would be to try and shake the top back and forth using a bit of force. You can try using a hammer to gently tap it back and forth for it to dislodge. Place a towel in place around the plastic while doing this so as to prevent any damage to the plastic.

Why would a Cuisinart food processor not start when connected to the power outlet?

There are some safety requirements which need to be in place for the food processor to work. First check the lid switch, if it is not firmly in place, for safety reasons the processor will not start. The individual can also see the top of the switch where the edge makes contact to trigger or start the micro switch. Use a small device to push the switch in and out a couple of times. This should get it to start.

Food processors are a very useful and handy device. They help in speeding up the cooking process and are also portable and easy to use. The above issues could be quite common while some others may happen occasionally such as burn outs or motor issues. It is important to know what and how to do at the right time to minimize any damage to your appliance. To know more about food processor issues or about your particular model of food processor, seeking the answers and information from Experts could prove to be very useful.
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