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Cat Food Problems

What is cat food?

Cat food is a generic term that refers to food that's considered safe for cats or food that's commonly given to cats for consumption. However, like all animals, cats also have diet necessities. Certain nutrients, vitamins and amino acids may be needed in a cat’s diet for it to stay healthy. Even though it is common to feed a cat off-the-shelf cat food, it's common for people to have questions about the best type of food for their cats, known or inexplicable cat food problems and whether there are cat food prescription. Below are answers provided by Experts to some of the commonly asked questions about cat food.

Would it be safe to mix two types of cat food together, such as mix wellness kitten food and health wise by Natura?

It is usually safe to mix these two types of cat food together. If you begin to notice any digestive issues like vomiting, diarrhea or if the cat is not eating properly, then you may need to change the cat food.

What are some recommended types of cat food for a cat that has been recently diagnosed with diabetes?

Many cats suffer from type II diabetes, and a cat owner can often manage the disorder by managing the cat's diet. There are many diets and cat food that are available. Many of these are created specifically for diabetes in cats and are available through a vet. Some trial and error may be required to determine which type of cat food suits your cat best. In some cases a diabetic cat may need to be given canned cat food. It may be easier on the cat to ingest and can make the diabetes easier to deal with. M/D diets by Hills and Royal Canin Diabetic Diet is another type of cat food that is often suitable for a cat with diabetes.

Would it be harmful to a cat to eat cat food that has worms living in the bag?

Cat have a very acid stomach and are usually able to digest things relatively easily without any problems or troubles. In this case though, the issues may not be with the worms themselves, but with the other pathogens such as bacteria that may be living in the cat food bag. These could be harmful to the cat. Throwing away the cat food bag and replacing it with another one is usually recommended. If a cat consumes this food and begins to show symptoms of becoming sick, consider feeding the cat boneless boiled chicken and rice.

Would it be safe to feed a cat salmon flavored cat food every day, or is mercury a concern?

It is usually okay to feed a cat salmon flavored cat food every day. Mercury should not be an issues as long as the food was bought in the store and is in a can. These types of cat foods are required to meet safety standards in order to be sold.

When you own a cat, any issues the cat faces becomes a matter of concern. Cat food is often at the top of the list for most cat owners. What's safe for my cat? Does my cat need special food? What's healthiest for my cat? These are just some of the concerns most cat owners are faced with. Not all of these questions merit a visit to the vet. When you need answers to questions about food for your cat, you can ask an Expert.
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