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Military Food Allowance Questions

What is military food allowance?

The military assigns certain amount as allowances to help an individual with daily expenses besides their salary and bonus. The military food allowance is one such allowance. It is given to officers who are enlisted in the military and are authorized to eat away from the post. Most of the time, officers who receive this allowance get at least $200 per month. Given below are important questions about military food allowance that are answered by the Experts.

Would an individual’s food allowance be counted as income while determining child support?

An officer’s food allowance may be considered to be income while calculating child support.

What can an army officer do if they are not receiving food allowance?

Army commands have an open door policy about grievances. This means that the officer may be able to talk about their issues to their commanding officer directly. If an officer does not receive food allowance, they may speak to their commander about this. If the commander does not help the officer with the issue, they may file an Art 138 complaint against the commander.

Can a military officer’s allowance for food be garnished for nonpayment of spousal support?

A military officer’s food allowance may not be garnished for nonpayment of spousal support.

Would allowance received for food and housing is subject to federal or state income tax?

In most of the situations, allowance received by a military officer for food and housing may not be considered to be taxable income. However, it may be included while calculating child support.

Can an officer be instructed about how to spend his/her money by his/her chain of command?

The chain of command may not instruct an officer about how to spend his/her money. As long as the officer provides housing, food and other allowances and support to his/her family, he/she may not get into trouble.

What can an individual do if he/she does not receive support from a military officer in spite of getting housing and food allowance?

If a military officer does not pay proper child support in spite of receiving housing and food allowance, the ex-spouse or family member of the officer may contact their chain of command and bring the issue to his/her notice. The individual may also request the state to make the officer pay the child support.

Can an officer request to modify child support if there is a change in his/her basic allowance for housing and food?

Most of the time, an individual may be able to request a modification in child support if there is a change in his/her basic house and food allowance. However, the officer may have to prove in court that there has been a considerable change in his/her income since the date of the divorce decree.

There may be a lot of rules and regulations in the different departments of the military governing food allowance and other kinds of allowance. It is important for you to be aware of these rules in order to know whether you qualify for this allowance, whether it can be used for child support, whether it is taxed or not, etc. It may help to speak to an Expert if you have any doubts and or need more information about military food allowance.
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