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Food Allergy in Dogs

What is a food allergy in dogs?

Food allergies may be one of the more common reasons for a dog to have an allergic itch or scratch. This type of allergy could happen at any age, food allergy may not be specified to a certain age group or breed type. There may be several different types of food that a dog could be allergic to such as, milk, fish, pork, grains, soy products, chicken, eggs, beef, horse meat or potatoes. Usually a dog may need to be open to the allergen more than just once, and/or to be on the same diet for 2 years before being qualified as allergy.

What are the most common symptoms of food allergies in dogs?

A dog that has food allergies may have several symptoms that may be shown. These symptoms may include but are not limited to,

  • severe inflammation
  • intestinal problems
  • chronic diarrhea
  • feet licking
  • constant gas
  • itchy hind end

These symptoms may not be prevalent in all dogs.

How long will it take for a food allergy to go away if the dog is no longer eating the food?

Usually the allergic reaction to food may last 30 to 40 days. If the issue has not gone away after removing all allergic diets, a vet should be contacted. A dog that has a food allergy may not turn its nose up to food even if the dog is allergic.

What can be done for a dog that has chronic food allergies that may not be getting enough protein?

Typically when a dog has a severe case of food allergies, this could cause a dog to have trouble with a balanced diet. In some cases a hypoallergenic food may be best for a dog with a very severe food allergy. In some cases, a dog may not be able to eat foods that have proteins; these dogs may need to be on a strict hypoallergenic diet.

What can you do for a Shih Tzu that has food allergies that is losing weight?

In many cases where a dog that has food allergies is losing weight a hydrolyzed protein diet has helped. The goal of this diet is to interrupt the proteins in the diet well enough to get rid of the allergens. The major dog food companies that have these special diets are Hills and Purina. If neither of those works you may try other protein diets such as the duck and potato, or Whitefish and Potato diets.

What could cause a dog’s stomach to turn black, when the dog has food allergies?

The most likely cause is lichenification. Lichenification is where the skin has become very irritated for a long period of time; the skin will try to protect itself by turning a black color.

Food allergies may be quite common in dogs; this could be either a mild or chronic condition. Some dogs may have skin issues from food allergies; other cases a dog may just have an upset stomach. In the case where a dog has any problem over 48 hours it may be best if the dog is seen by a veterinarian. For more information pertaining to food allergy in dogs such as, is there a certain age dogs get food allergies or can food allergies cause death to a dog. Contact an Expert for these answers and many others. 

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