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Follicular Dysplasia in Dogs

What is follicular dysplasia in dogs?

Follicular dysplasia may be better known as blue Doberman syndrome or black hair follicular dysplasia. This condition typically involves the unusual growth of hair follicles in a dog’s skin. Typically follicular dysplasia in dogs may be looked at as hereditary; there may not be any other cause of follicular dysplasia as of right now. Usually the effects on a dog from follicular dysplasia may be loss of hair and/or the dog’s coat may be in bad condition, these symptoms may not bother a dog much. Typically a dog that has follicular dysplasia may have a usual coat at birth but as the dog gets older the coat may become thin.

Is there a cure for follicular dysplasia?

There may be medical treatment for follicular dysplasia but as of right now there may not be a cure for follicular dysplasia. Usually the most important part of treatment for dogs with follicular dysplasia may be the re-establishment of hair and to avoid a secondary bacterial infection around the hair follicles. There may be some cases where the hair may not grow back. There may be a way to arouse hair growth; this could be done by the application of melatonin. In some cases melatonin may even cut down the time of hair loss. For more information regarding follicular dysplasia such as, does a dog have to be a certain age to get follicular dysplasia or can follicular dysplasia cause long term effects on a dog. Read below where an Expert may answer these questions or many others.

What could cause a dog to lose its hair on its back and to have red bumps with pus coming out of them?

Red bumps and hair loss on a dog’s back may be some very common symptoms of many different skin disorders. It may be time to have a veterinarian do some skin testing; these typically help a veterinarian determine what is affecting a dog. These symptoms could be one of the first signs of follicular dysplasia. This could be determined as a skin issue, but in reality follicular dysplasia may be more of a hair and skin issue.

What could cause a dog to excessively shed all the time?

Usually shedding may be an ordinary incident for dogs to go through; it may just happen more for some dogs than others. There may be certain times of the year that different breeds go through the shedding period. There may be some skin issue that could be affecting a dog to make it shed all year around. These could include staph infection, mange, hypothyroidism or follicular dysplasia. Typically follicular dysplasia may be a cause of shedding or major hair loss. This condition may be fairly common in dogs; there may not be a cure for this disease. To confirm exactly what is the issue with a dog could be done with tests done by a veterinarian.

Follicular dysplasia may be a common disorder for dogs to have. Many dog owners may have never heard of this condition. When a dog owner finds out that their dog has follicular dysplasia they may have several questions. These questions may include can follicular dysplasia be passed from one dog to another or can follicular dysplasia harm a dog. For answers to these questions and many others contact an Expert.
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