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Floodlight Questions

Floodlights are light fixtures that are fitted with high intensity lamps that can be used for extended periods of time. Many floodlights are powered by external generators, while a few top-end models have integrated power supplies that help them stay powered for many hours. Floodlights are commonly used in stadiums for sporting events or in advertising but can also be used in movie sets, theater stages, homes and waterfronts. Floodlights consume a lot of power and can run up electric bills in one hour that match a year of electricity generated by a household lamp. Many do not know how to use floodlights or how to install floodlights and need to turn to the Experts.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the electricians on issues related to floodlights.

Are UV rays emitted by floodlights/new halogen bulbs?

A minimal amount of UV is emitted by tungsten filament lamps, such as halogen and incandescent lamps. A special type of quartz is what most MR16 lamps are created out of which barely emit any UV. The manufacturer’s label on the lamp usually gives information on UV emission.

Also, the usual fluorescent light bulbs that are commonly seen in homes and offices don’t give out a dangerous amount of UV. They give out small amounts that are much lower than what is given out by natural daylight.

For months, my outdoor floodlights have been switching on and off although they don’t have a timer connected to them. What do you think the problem is?

Case details: A four section wall switch controls the front and back lights. I switch them off during the day but they come back on after some time. I have relays in the basement and I hear a clicking sound every time the lights come on or off.

It may be possible that the switch has become faulty and may have to be replaced. But it’s also possible that the relays have become old. If they are RR7 relays designed by GE, they can be bought and installed. But ensure the breakers are turned off before you start work on them.

My back porch has a single power source: a ceiling light fixture that has a fan with a light on it. I am planning to install two floodlights on the porch. Do I need to run a separate line from the power box to operate the floodlights or can I splice into that box connection to install the new lights with the fan?

In most cases, a fan/light fixture would be operated by a switch at the room entrance. So the power box may not have what you need to operate the floods to begin with. So the first thing that you would need to check is whether the box has a hot circuit on the line side of any switches. Then check the load and amperage draw on the circuit. Most floodlights have a draw of 1-2 amps, so you need to be sure that the circuit will be able to carry the load before you proceed with installation.

I am installing two floodlights on the patio outside. I want each one to be wired to a separate switch so they can operate independent of each other. The switches are being powered by a 15 amp breaker in a sub breaker panel. And I am using #14 wires, black (hot) white (neutral) green (ground). How do I make the connections?

You can wire the installation by following this step by step process. Start by wiring the 14/2 to the two switches from the electrical panel. Then connect the black wire from the panel to both switches. Thereafter, wire the 14/2 to each light. Open the switch box and attach the black wires to the switches from the lights. Then connect all the white wires together and connect the grounds together with a pigtail to the switches. Make sure that all the lights to the 14/2 are connected by color.

Homeowners who choose to install floodlights at home should ensure that they know how the floodlight installation process works. Since the floodlights need to be electrically installed, homeowners who have no electrical knowledge run the risk of electrocution or shock if they install it themselves. That’s why it’s better to get an electrician Expert to help answer any questions regarding install floodlights at home.

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