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Flood Insurance Laws

When a person has a home that is located in what is considered to be lowlands or floodplains, the homeowner would usually need to get flood insurance. This protects the homeowner from flood damage. When taking out an insurance policy, the insurance company typically looks at a topical map first to determine if the homeowner would need to invest in flood insurance. Listed below are questions answered by the Experts on flood insurance related issues.

IA person who is paying flood insurance suddenly finds out that their mortgage company was also making payments towards the flood insurance. This ensured that their insurance company got paid twice. What can the person do to get their money back now that they have already paid it?

The person would need to contact their insurance company and ask for the money to be returned to the person since the company was paid twice for the same policy. If the insurance company does not return the money to the person, they could decide to sue the insurance company in small claims court.

If a person has been double charged for their flood insurance and they have proof that they were double charged but are now being accused of defaulting on payments, what can they do to sort this out?

If the person has proof that the insurance company has double charged them for their flood insurance, the person should send the company a letter, along with proof of being over charged. In the letter, the person should mention that if the insurance company does not correct their mistake and continues to accuse the person of defaulting on the insurance coverage, the person will sue them for defamation and damages for not refunding the money. If the letter does not work, the person should go ahead and file a suit.

What can a person do if their city is not following the rules and laws that the National Flood Insurance Program has set forth?

The person can contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and file a written complaint. But with all the other complaints that FEMA has, it may take a while for them to do something about the complaint and by that time it may be too late. The person may want to consider filing an Injunction in their local county court to stop the project. Once the court stops the project, the issue will be pushed into the spotlight and will have to be examined carefully.

A person has been paying flood insurance for several years but is not located in an at risk area as claimed by the mortgage company. Can the person now ask the insurance agency for more than a year in refunds if the person has a letter of proof that they don’t need the insurance?

If the person can prove that they do not need the flood insurance, they can ask for a refund for the past four years. In most cases, the insurance company will not pay this large amount so the person may have to file a lawsuit to get the money back or file a complaint with the Department of Insurance instead.

While the questions above may have clarified some of your own doubts on flood insurance, there could be more questions you have that are specific to your case. In such a situation, you may not know whom to ask and prefer to avoid expensive consultation fees by visiting a professional. To get quick answers to your questions, direct them to Experts who can offer insights and information to deal with your case.
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