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Flexible Working Hours

What is flexible working?

Flexible working or also known as flexibility it is used to describe a variety of work styles and employment. Flexible working is used in all kinds of employment which are different from the traditional full time 9am to 5pm job with a permanent contract. Read below where the Experts have provided many answers to questions relating to flexible working.

If someone requests flexible working in order to reduce hours, once the contract is up can they return back to full time hours?

If they request flexible working hours and the employer will allow this, normally it will be up to the employer to allow them to return to full time. It will not be illegal under the federal labor law for the employer to deny the employees request for them to return to a full time status.

Can an employer be made to adjust a flexible work agreement to accommodate someone needing to leave in order to pick up their child?

In most situations there is no way to hold the employer accountable to make previsions or adjustments in the company’s policy regarding flexible work time.

If an employer incorporates flexible work time into their schedule, can they change an employee’s set days off to make the employer work on their normal days off?

In many cases, unless there is a written contract stating what days of the employee is to have off, the employer has the right to change any time worked or time off. In most states are considered "at will employment" and there is usually no way to mandate the employer to set an employee’s schedule in stone.

What is disparate impact?

Disparate impact is in fact a theory that protects an employee from the employer from discrimination on the specific time off that is needed in the flex time, it also prohibits the employer from changing the rules or policies regarding flex time based on a protected class of employees. Many times this type discriminatory action takes place against women in the workplace.

If someone has a written agreement regarding tuition reimbursement with their employer, and had to take off work for medical reasons, can the employer stop honoring the written agreement and stop paying tuition reimbursement?

Tuition reimbursement has nothing to do with a written agreement regarding flex time or medical leave time off. If the employee has a written agreement regarding they have full rights to enforce that agreement. Many times this type of adverse action on the employers’ part can be considered a form of discrimination related to a short term disability for taking a medical leave.

Many times employees request flexible working to their employers for many reasons some include, child care, maternity, or health conditions. When facing issues dealing with flexible working hours, many individuals can consult an Expert to receive insight on whether someone is eligible in receiving flexible work schedules.
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