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Flea Collar – Cat Health Questions

Do you want to know what the side effect of using a flea collar on a cat are? Or what treatment is recommended for skin reactions to the collar? A flea collar contains a chemical that repels or kills fleas. It can be concerning when you purchase something to protect your cat that turns out to be harmful. If you are in need of additional information, then consult with a verified Expert who is readily available online to assist you with all of your cat's health needs. 

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Would a “safe” flea collar cause a kitten to throw up blood, become lethargic, and to not eat or drink?

It can be difficult to accurately find the cause of these symptoms. If the cat was able to lick the chemicals from the flea collar then it could likely be the culprit. This is more so if the wrong flea collar was given to the wrong species such as a dog flea collar to a cat. The chemicals made for fleas on dogs can be toxic to fleas but also to cats.

What is recommended for a cat that is having severe flea collar side effects?

If the cat is vomiting profusely to where the stomach contents are eroding the esophagus then it can be concerning. Not only would the vomiting be an issue but now a secondary inflammation and injury to the esophagus may occur. Even if the flea collar is taken off, the GI upset still needs to be dealt with. This can become serious so treatment may require injections from a vet to get the vomiting under control. It is recommended to have the cat checked out by the veterinarian so that treatment can begin.

What is recommended for scabby itchy skin caused by a flea collar that turned into boils and has now spread to the whole body?

First, the cat’s flea collar needs to be removed. This can help determine if the itchiness and secondary sores are caused by this. It is possible that the cat is experiencing the symptoms from the collar, flea bite, food allergy, mosquito bite, mites, or more. It is often difficult to determine the cause without examination. If the symptoms occurred with relation to the flea collar then an allergic reaction to the chemicals on the collar may make the most sense. Steroid treatment may likely be needed to help with the symptoms.

What is recommended for a kitten that had their flea collar stuck in their mouth while still around their neck that is now lethargic?

It is possible that the kitten ingested the active drug contained on the flea collar. This could cause symptoms such as vomiting. It was also likely that having the collar stuck in the mouth caused the kitten a lot of stress. This could play a big part in the symptom of lethargy. If ulcers are seen in the mouth then soft or canned food may be given. Pepcid AC can be beneficial to use if any nausea issues occur as a side effect. If the kitten isn’t better in 24 hours then a vet visit may be needed.

What treatment can be used when Frontline Plus for cats has caused an allergic reaction?

It is not uncommon for a cat to be sensitive to the effects of this flea control medication to the point of becoming lethargic days after it is applied. Other flea control products to look at are those that contain different ingredients than that of Frontline. These include Advantage II and Revolution. There is also a flea and tick collar called Seresto that can be effective with fewer side effects than other collars. Typically, collars are effective for 5-6 months.

What is recommended if a flea collar for cats is suspected to be causing side effects?

Recommended actions include removing the collar from the cat. Giving the cat a bath after it is removed can help remove any residue. It is the residue containing the chemicals from the collar that is causing the side effects.

Flea collars for cats can be both beneficial to some cats and harmful to others. It is important to use the correct collar for your cat as seen in the examples above. You may have additional questions about your cat’s experience with a flea collar that hasn’t yet be answered. If so, then contact verified Experts online now to get answers to your specific questions. Experts are readily available to assist you from the privacy of your home. 

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