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Fire Alarm Troubleshooting And Repair

Fire alarm systems are a convenient device for many to alert you in case of smoke or fire, preventing major damage to your house or building. If your system is beeping continuously or you need help testing the device after activation consult with an Expert who can provide you with years of expertise. They will not only help to solve your problem but also hold off on expensive repairs by providing timely solutions.

Read below where Experts have answered fire alarm troubleshooting questions and repair issues.

What can cause one to chirp continuously?

First, verify if the device chirps when the red light flashes. If so, the battery is at fault and will need to be replaced. However, if the alarm beeps between the flashing of the red light, then the problem could be with the device itself that will need further checked for repair. Alternatively, pressing the ‘Test’ button on the device for five seconds will be recommended to see if it works fine before making any repairs.

How to reset an EST2 system that quit working due to a lower voltage power surge?

  • Press the ‘Reset’ button on the annunciator or panel.
  • Then, insert the password when prompted.
  • Finally, press the ‘Enter’ button to reset the panel.

In case this does not work, press the ‘Reset’ button again to display a list of trouble information on the LCD. Highlight the trouble you are facing using the arrow keys and then, press ‘?’ to know more about it for repair.

How to test the system after activation?

  • With an alarm initiating device, activate a zone.
  • Then, check if the ‘Notification Appliances’ are active and the alarm LED lights are on.
  • Reset the system and repeat the process for each zone.
  • Next, activate the switches ‘Reset’ and ‘Disable’ for a couple of minutes.
  • Then, press the ‘Trouble Silence’ button and listen to an intermittent audible signal.
  • Release the button to allow it to return to its normal position.
  • Next, open the circuits ‘Notification Appliance Circuit’, ‘Initiating Zone 1’ and ‘Initiating Zone 2’ (if enabled) to check for a trouble signal.
  • Make sure to wait for 48 hours before completing this process, if new batteries are installed.
  • Remove the AC power from the unit and activate the desired zone.
  • Then, check if the alarm indicator lights and the Notification Appliance sounds are working fine.
  • Finally, return all the buttons to their normal outward positions and notify the fire department, the central station, and the building authority that the test is completed.

How to stop a device from beeping every 30 seconds?

  • First, detach the detector from its base. Twist it either in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to take it out.
  • Then, locate the wiring harness on the base and squeeze the tabs on the plug to remove it.
  • Next, open the battery compartment to remove the battery.
  • Leave the unit disconnected for five minutes while cleaning the detector using a soft brush.
  • Next, press and hold the ‘Test’ button on the unit for 30 seconds to ensure the battery charging circuit is completely de-energized.
  • Then, release the ‘Test’ button and install a new good quality alkaline battery. Make sure to install the battery with correct polarity.
  • Afterward, close the cover on the battery compartment and hold down the ‘Test’ button until the unit responds. If the unit does not respond, open the cover and check if the battery terminals are in proper contact with the two metal tabs inside. Also, check if the batteries are correctly positioned.
  • Finally, reconnect the unit and place it back onto its base.

If the beeping still continues, then it might indicate the ‘end of life’ alert from the manufacturer for which the device will need to be unplugged and removed for repair.

What could cause one to beep around the same time every morning?

A faulty battery, an improper installation of the batteries or a defective alarm could likely cause this issue. The best recourse is to install new batteries and press the ‘Test’ button to hear an audible signal to check if the unit is working. If not, the unit is at fault and will need to be replaced. Another option could be to inspect your house around that time for any air contamination or dust issues from outside the house as your detector may be sensing that to produce a beep. If so, taking necessary actions will be advised.

What causes a device to work perfectly on AC power but not on battery?

Check the voltage on the battery when connected to AC. If it reads less than 27.6 volts, it will indicate an insufficiently charged battery from a defective charging circuit that is preventing the system to switch over to standby. The best option is to replace the entire main board for a repair.

Fires can happen anytime without giving a prior notice or warning. Thus, installing a device in your building and/or house with proper maintenance is strongly recommended as it is after all a life and death situation we are dealing with when such emergencies occur. However, like all other electronic devices, these units can also malfunction and when that happens, immediate specialist attention is highly advised to get them back to normal working conditions. Verified Experts are always available online to help answer your fire alarm questions and fix your problems at the most affordable cost at your convenience.

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