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Questions about Traffic Fines

Individuals that have committed a traffic violation have undoubtedly been faced with traffic fines. Not knowing enough information regarding how resolution of traffic fines occur or if a restricted driver license is an option often lead to questions like the ones answered below.

I have old unpaid traffic fines. My license was taken away for failure to pay. I live on Supplemental Security Income (SSI). What options do I have?

In this case, the individual can check with their state. There are some states that have payment plan programs to help individuals pay old traffic fines and citations in order to get their license back. The individuals local Licensing Office may be able to let you know if such programs exist in the individual’s local area. This individual can also try to borrow money from someone and pay off the old traffic fines. If that option is not possible, the individual could also appear before a traffic judge and ask if the individual would be able to perform public services to pay off their traffic fines.

I have a warrant for my arrest due to unpaid traffic fines for speeding tickets. I do not have the money to pay the fines now but will have the money within the next month or two. How do I get the warrant dropped and get the cases resolved?

You could try contacting the place that issued your traffic fine along with the court that issued the warrant and try making a plea deal that would allow you to pay the fines later but have the warrant dropped now. You can also wait until you have all the money at one time and go pay the traffic fines at the court house and then the warrant will be dropped.

If an individual has received a notice from of the Secretary of State in Illinois that their license is being suspended under Sec. 6-209. Can this individual just get a Missouri driver’s license or at least a restricted driver’s license to drive to and from school in Missouri?

Illinois and Missouri are members of the Driver License Compact (DLC) and Nonresident Violator Compact (NRVC). Members of these compacts have agreements in place to promote highway safety. They do this by sharing driver and conviction information. With that being said, the Illinois suspension will prevent the individual from obtaining a Missouri driver license.

The individual can also apply for a restricted driver permit for school. The Illinois Law stipulates that every offender who loses their driving privileges by suspension or revocation is eligible for a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP). The RDP is subject to the following limitations: limited driving for employment, educations or medical care for the driver or his household member and for alcohol treatment for the driver. The RDP will also state the days along with hours that the driver would be allowed to drive.

Is there a statute of limitations in California regarding a 12 year old unprosecuted traffic ticket?

There is no statute of limitation in regards to traffic fines. Additionally there is no statute of limitations on the collection of those fines. If fines are not paid, they can also look to the estate of a deceased individual for the collection of those fines.

Since 2002, I have $1,200 in traffic fines that have turned in to $14,000 with interest over the past few years. I can settle but is there a way to reduce the interest with the collection agencies?

Given the age of the claim from the collection agency there may be a good chance for negotiations. It would even be a benefit to you if you could show that you have limited resources and or assets to support your claim for a reduction.

Understanding and gaining the right information on traffic fines can help when dealing with all different kinds of traffic infractions. Experts can help answer questions about reduction in traffic fines that are in collections or if an individual might qualify for a restricted driver license. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert online.
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