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Full and final Settlement

At some point in our life, we have all owed some form of debt. Paying off the debt is the primary goal for most of us to be debt free. For many people full and final settlement questions are very common. When questions like these occur, they can turn to Experts on JustAnswer for solutions. Listed below are five of the top full and final settlement questions that have been answered by the Experts .

What is a full and final debt settlement?

A full and final debt settlement order is a way of clearing your debts off in one lump sum at a reduced amount to what you owe. Depending on your circumstances, a full and final debt settlement can reduce your overall debts.

How can I make a Full and Final Settlement Offer?

If you have debts which need clearing and have access to a lump sum of money to pay off the debt, you can write to the creditor and offer a full and final settlement offer that you would like to pay to clear your debt in full in the quickest time possible.

In the state of California, can someone resend their signature on a full and final settlement order for an employment discrimination case?

The settlement agreement, even though it is not a formal and final contract, is a binding agreement typically. Because of that, an attempted rescission would not normally be effective and the opposing party is likely to obtain summary judgment from the court on the issues you agreed to if you attempt to proceed to trial on those issues.

If an U.S citizen was employed by a Switzerland based company but worked in Afghanistan and was wrongfully terminated, their final settlement was withheld, is there any legal rights in the USA?

The issue is that the US law will not apply here, so whether you are a US citizen or not really doesn't matter. However, the Swiss courts are very protective of worker's rights and the rights you were entitled to under Swiss law for working for a Swiss company but you are going to need a lawyer in Switzerland to pursue your claims for you and unfortunately we do not have any at this site. You can find a reputable one through the US embassy in Switzerland.

Is it normal for a portion of a MN work comp settlement to be with held for 18 months to see if someone is still disabled or alive?

18 months seems to be a long time, however the system largely wants you to be at "maximum medical improvement" meaning that you have reached the end of the healing process, such that a disability rating can be assessed and judgment/settlement figured out. So often the process will take a few months to years and will vary depending on each case.

Full and final settlement is a very diverse topic; it can span many of questions one after another. Such as, full and final settlement of employee and payment in full and final settlement. Experts can help with fast and effective answers.
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