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Dental Fillings Procedure

Dental filling procedures consist of a dental restorative material that repairs the purpose, reliability and morphology of an individual’s missing tooth’s shape. The formation of a missing tooth normally is a consequence from caries or exterior damage. A dental filling can also help tooth preparation in order to recover aesthetics or physical reliability. Dental fillings also deal with the replacement of missing teeth assembly that is held up by implants. Individuals who have received dental fillings often have questions about all aspects of dental filling procedures. Uncertainties of what side effects dental fillings can cause, or what consist of a dental procedure can lead to the questions answered below by Experts.

Do dental filling side effects include earaches and toothaches?

Referred pain that is felt in the ear from a dental fillings procedure is not uncommon. It is possible that the dental fillings maybe too deep. This could cause thermal and mechanical insults to the pulp giving way to pulpitis hence the pain. Or it can be that the decay was not entirely removed and now the remaining decay is causing pulpitis. Lastly a possibility to be considered is that the fillings may have a high point which is causing unnatural contact with the opposing teeth and hence the pain. A follow up appointment with your dentist will be the best course of action to narrow down the possibilities and find a solution of relief.

What are the dangers of dental fillings?

Routine dental fillings should not cause a threat as long as care is taken. There has been some controversy with the mercury in amalgam fillings to have adverse reaction. The amount of mercury that could be release, however, is far below what the current health standard is.

Is it possible that the alcohol in the Listerine mouth wash dissolve the glues used in dental fillings?

Listerine and other mouthwashes that contain alcohol can overtime dissolve the compound in dental fillings. The studies have shown this to affect not only amalgam fillings but also composite fillings as well. The alcohol in the mouthwashes can also affect the hardness of the fillings, causing them to soften. There are non-alcohol mouthwashes that can be used that will not only help prevent gum disease but also won’t deteriorate the life span of your dental fillings.

Does methotrexate cause concern with dental fillings?

Typically usage of methotrexate will not have any effects on the dental fillings procedure. Nothing unusual would be required than what is required from a patient not on methotrexate. The drug methotrexate suppresses the immune system and would make an individual more vulnerable to infection.

Can dental fillings cause seizures is children?

Dental fillings independently do not cause or inflict seizures. What can cause seizures from the dental filling procedure can include stress from the filling process or anesthetics that may be used. These would only occur in those individuals that have a low seizure threshold. If the seizures continue after the completion of the dental filling procedure then the probability of it being related to the procedure is highly unlikely.

Having the right information and understanding of dental filling procedures can help when dealing with situations that involve dental fillings. Experts can help answer inquiries about the side effects from dental fillings or if what the side effects of a dental filling can cause. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.
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