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Tax Filing Status

Do you need to know which status to select when filing your taxes? Or, which status will get you the highest return and prevent you from having to pay in? Tax filing status is based on factors like being single, married, having children, etc. If you need to know whether to select head of household, single, married or another tax filing status question, consult with a tax Expert online. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts for others needing clarification.

If one spouse makes considerably more than the other, who is self-employed, what should the filing status be?

Most couples find it helpful to file a joint return so they are allowed exemptions.

Should one spouse file single when the other has not received an SSN or ITIN number to meet the deadline?

Typically, when married and living with a spouse, one cannot use a single status. You could file a paper return and include the ITIN application along with a joint tax return. This would have to be sent to another address and not the one listed in Form 1040. will offer information on marital status filing and,,id=96287,00.html will give more information about an ITIN application.

Is head of household used to claim children who reside with the other parent?

Case Details: Couple is separated; one parent is paying child support and the household expenses where the family resides.

Head of household may require the child to reside in the home of the person filing their return for a designated period of time, apart from requiring that the person be separated from their spouse for the past six months. Another tax filing status, such as joint or married filing separate, may be more appropriate for this situation. Payments made for the household expenses, could qualify as a deduction for spousal support, in addition to the payments of child support. If the other parent agrees to let the person claim them, they would usually need to sign Form 8332 that says that they have no claim to the exemptions.

Can an employer change an employee’s filing status on a W-2 without their knowledge?

W-2 forms need to be signed by the employee to inform an employer of their tax filing status and withholding request. Therefore, the employee should know of any and all changes made to their status. This form should be kept on file for further reference in the event that an employee may need to update it.

It is important to know and understand which filing status one should use as it could hinder a refund or cause additional taxes to be paid. When you have questions, maybe even in the middle of filing, ask an Expert online. Experts are available day and night to answer your tax filing status related questions.

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