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Fifth Wheel Trailer - RV Related Questions

How to troubleshoot air conditioning problems on a fifth wheel trailer? Or need to know how to deal with slide problems on a 5th wheel trailer? Fifth wheel trailers are a common type of RV used by campers. It is similar to the other trailers and RVs in terms of its functions and the standard equipment that it comes installed with. Usually, people tend to face problems with the various aspects within the fifth wheel trailers such as electrical issues, battery or appliance problems. Other times, it can be with the working, mechanism and components of the trailer. In either scenario, answers and troubleshooting steps are available with verified RV Experts online.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions related to fifth wheel trailers.

What troubleshooting steps can be taken if the air conditioning and a couple outlets on a Cougar fifth wheel trailer are not working?

Case Details: The fuses were replaced and the GFI switch in the bathroom has been pushed.

If this is a case where only a main cord is being used without a generator or adapters and extension cords, the power goes from the cord directly to the breaker panel. Therefore, start by shutting down all the breakers and then unplug them from power. After a couple of minutes, reconnect it and turn on all the breakers. You should also inspect and ensure there isn’t any other GFI that is concealed. Typically, they are present in the bathroom, galley but can also be anywhere else in the trailer including outside. Additionally, a different power source should be tried. If this does not help either, check the main cord for any loose connections especially at the area where it enters into the breaker panel.

What can be done about a Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer where the slide does not work?

Case Details: Voltage to the motor is present and the motor can be heard but the slide does not work.

First, the motor should be accessed and checked whether it is connected to the tubing/room. Ensure that the pin is not sheered. Next, obtain an external DC source to jump the motor directly and use the override. The room should move in or out. If it moves one way then the jumper wires should be swapped and it should move in the opposite direction. If the room does not move, most probably the motor is faulty or defective. It should be noted that the motor cannot be over-torqued. It usually stops by itself. If that works, verify whether the switch is working using a meter. If the switch is good it could be a slide room controller issue and this circuit board is small and found between the switch and motor. 

Why has the remote controlled furnace stopped working on a 2006 Colorado fifth wheel trailer?

Case Details: The unit is not turning on either when the heat button is pushed on the thermostat.

There are possibilities of the circuit panels failing on some of these trailers, leading to problems as described above. Therefore, start by checking the internal furnace circuit to see if an internal fault is present while the circuit is at the furnace itself. If the problem persists, a replacement is necessary and this should be carried out at an authorized service center.

How to re-seal the rubber which has come off at the front, without taking out the roof of a Pilgrim open road 5th wheel trailer?

Normally, the area where the front comes up and meets the roof has a section of molding with screws. Remove the screws and the molding until the edge of the rubber is visible. Next, if the rubber comes out from the front in one section, a heat gun can help soften the glue and make it easier to remove the rubber. Once it is pulled back you have the option to reseal it. If the rubber does not come out because it is stuck too tight at some portion of the wood, causing the wood also to come out, then it would be better to make a slit so that some sealant can be added once cleaned and smoothened. This can be covered using a strip of ‘Etrna-bond’ tape. Finally, complete the seal with ‘Dicor’ sealant spreading it properly to cover the entire tape portion.

Is it safe if the good governor reading on a 50 amp fifth wheel trailer is 135?

Case Details: This happened after a 30 amp plug was installed along with a power booster.

Typically, a 135 volt reading is considered high because the standard voltage should not go below 104 or above 132 volts, else it can cause damage. To prevent this, there are automatic power boosters that will shut off or turn on at certain voltages and limit high and low voltage respectively. If this is not installed, voltage surges or prolonged high voltage can lead to premature failure of lights, refrigerator heating element problem and failure of other sensitive electronics. Though this may not happen often, it would be a good idea to observe the voltage occasionally and reduce the chances of high voltage or potential damage to equipment. The danger of a fire in this case is low.

Where is the hot water switch on the 2007 Holiday Rambler 5th wheel trailer?

Typically, some of the few areas to check would be the hallway and bathroom. If it is present on a monitor panel, it may not be labeled. All water heaters are not direct ignition and there should be a sticker below the exterior access panel. If the water heater is a direct ignition model but the switch cannot be found, you would need to crosscheck whether it is a pilot model instead. 

The above information gives you a fair and general idea on some of the questions or problems people have experienced with fifth wheel trailers. Whether you are a new user or seasoned, anyone can benefit from the information that RV Experts can provide when it is in an accurate and timely fashion. Therefore, if you have other related questions regarding your fifth wheel trailer, contact Experts, from the comfort of your home, quickly and affordably. 

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