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Fibroma Treatment Questions

What is Fibroma?

Fibroma is a form of benign tumor that is a connective tissue that can grow on any organ of the body. In some cases, scars can be considered Fibroma as well; this may depend on what the scar looks like. When there is an issue with Fibroma, questions regarding the cause and treatment can arise. Read below where there are a few questions that are answered by the Experts.

What are the chances that a Fibroma tumor will return?

When someone has any form of Fibroma and a tumor has been removed, there may be a 25% chance that the tumor will return. Typically, this only occurs in cases where the entire tumor was not removed. When the tumor has been completely removed, the chances for the Fibroma to return are unlikely.

What kind of surgeon should be seen for a Fibroma tumor on the lip? Will a laser be used in the removal process?

When a Fibroma tumor is present on or around the lip area, a doctor may consider this to be a cosmetic surgery. Normally, an oral surgeon may have the individual see a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist to make sure the cosmetic look does not scar the lip. Typically, a laser will not be used to perform the removal because of where the tumor is located.

Is it important to keep the area fungal and infection free before removing Fibroma? What will happen if there is a fungal or infection issue before the removal?

When a person has a Fibroma tumor that has been removed, keeping the area clean is generally important. Often, if there is any sign of fungal or infection around the area, a doctor may cure the infection before doing the removal. If the infection shows up after the procedure, there may treatment for the surgical area.

What is Desmoplastic Fibroma and who and what does this generally affect?

Desmoplastic Fibroma is considered an extremely rare type of tumor that has only had very few cases. This is a type of slowly progressing tumor that can affect both men and women and different parts of their body.

What does it mean to have fluid a Fibroma tumor has be removed and what can be done about this?

When someone has had any type of Fibroma removed, there can be a buildup of fluid under the skin. Often, this fluid can be just fluid from healing or it could be some sort of infection. Typically, a doctor may look at the fluid to see if there is any odor coming from it or if there is any infection present. In the case there is an infection present, treating it will happen.

What is a Fibroma tumor on the foot referred to as and how is this treated?

When there is a Fibroma tumor located on the foot area, this is generally referred to as Planter Fibroma or Fibromatosis. Often, this tumor will go away with time without treatment. However, in some cases, a foot doctor will treat this tumor or remove it to relieve any pain that is present.

Fibroma is a kind of tumor that is made by fibers masses that have grown together and caused a tumor. In many cases, this condition may be treated depending on where the tumor is located. When there are any issues with Fibroma tumors, questions regarding treatment and cure may arise. When these questions or any questions regarding Fibroma arise, the person may want to ask the Experts.
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