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Treatment of Fever in Children

A fever is a protective mechanism by the body against some sort of infection. A fever is the body’s way of fighting off an infection by making itself unsuitable. Most children may become prone to fevers due to a several different reasons. Most of the time, one may not worry about a fever causing any other kind of damage to the child. The only time a parent may have to worry about a fever leading to permanent brain damage or injury is when the child’s body temperature goes above 107 degrees Fahrenheit (F). However, it is natural for parents to get worried when their child feels sick and gets a fever. Given below are some commonly asked questions about fever in children that have been answered by the Experts.

Would a fever of 101.6 F be considered high in a 6 month old child?

A fever of 101.6 degrees Fahrenheit may not be considered high fever by most pediatricians. If the child’s temperature is between 102 and 104 degrees, this may be considered to be moderate and if it goes beyond 104 degrees, this may be considered to be high fever. Pediatricians may get concerned and suggest a bacterial infection if the fever is beyond 105 degrees Fahrenheit and has lasted for 48 – 72 hours.

What are the different tests that need to be conducted if a child gets fever almost once every 2 months?

If a child gets fever frequently, then it may be important to conduct a few tests in order to rule out any serious conditions. Some of the basic tests that may be essential are complete blood count, urine analysis, an ultra sound scan of the abdomen and an x-ray of the chest.

Will a Rocephin shot cause fever in a child?

A Rocephin shot may not cause fever in a child in most cases. Rocephin is an antibiotic medicine and does not lead to fever. The fever in the child could be because of the condition for which he/she had to take the Rocephin shot. The child may be given Ibuprofen or Tylenol to bring down the fever.

Can teething cause a fever in a child?

Teething may lead to a slight change in the child’s body temperature because of irritability, however teething may not lead to fever. Teething can make the child cranky and lead to lack of sleep, loss of appetite and a desire to bite things.

What could be the cause of a 6 day old fever if the child was treated with a zpak after the fever, and now the child developed another fever, upset stomach, cough and loss of appetite after four days?

If the child’s fever has come back with other symptoms and if the cough persists, then the child may be tested for a Strep infection. If this test is negative, then an EBV (esophageal variceal bleeding) test may be conducted. Based on the results of this test, the pediatrician may conduct a chest x-ray of the child to rule out Pneumonia.

What could be the cause of a child having green stool and a temperature of 103 degrees?

The green stool and high temperature in the child could be indicative of a viral infection. The color of the stool is not something to be very concerned about. This just indicates the time taken to travel through the intestinal tract. The faster the stool comes through the intestines, the greener it is. The child may be observed at home only if the child drinks enough fluids and acts normal.

Is it normal for a child to get hallucinations when he/she has fever?

In some cases, it may be normal for children, especially boys, to get hallucinations when they have a fever. They may see or say things that are not normal. However, this is not a matter of concern and may not be a sign of any seizure or brain injury.

Fever can cause a lot of distress and weakness in a child. Though it is not a very dangerous condition unless the temperature rises beyond a certain level, a parent cannot take any chance when his/her child has a fever. Though there is no reason to panic, you should make sure that you monitor your child’s temperature and see to it that he/she is eating properly and acting normal. Since fever can be caused by various reasons, you may have many questions about how to treat it and what to do to bring down your child’s temperature. It may not always be easy to reach your child’s doctor to get your questions answered. At such times, you may ask an Expert and get all your questions about fever in children answered.
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