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Fever in Toddlers

Toddlers are often prone to fevers and infections, this is because their immune system is still developing and they can get exposed to different kinds of infections and bacteria when they play outside or when they interact with others. Though fever is common among toddlers, it could be caused due to different reasons. As a result, people will have questions about its cause and treatment. Given below are a few such commonly asked questions about fever in toddlers that have been answered by Experts.

Can a parent monitor a 2 year old child at home, or should the child see a doctor if they have a 101.6 degree fever and vomiting?

Vomiting can sometimes occur with fever in children. The parent can monitor the child at home and give the child Tylenol to bring down the temperature. The Tylenol can be given 5 times a day every 4-6 hours. The vomiting will stop once the temperature comes down. The parent should also keep the child hydrated and give them sips of liquids from time to time. The child can also be sponged with luke warm water and a fan or cooler can be kept in their room. However, the child should not be directly exposed to the fan or cooler. The child will have to be taken to an ER (emergency room) if their temperature goes beyond 103 degrees and the vomiting does not stop.

What can cause fever, loss of voice, loss of appetite, whopping and vomiting in a 2 year old child?

Fever, vomiting, loss of voice and whopping can either indicate a respiratory tract infection involving the larynx called acute laryngitis. A throat swab test may be conducted to check if the laryngitis is bacterial or viral. If it is a viral infection, then no treatment is required. The condition may resolve on its own. The parents should make sure that the child takes plenty of liquids and rest. A fever reducing medicine may be given to control the fever. If the laryngitis is caused due to a bacterial infection, then an antibiotic will have to be given to treat the symptoms.

What could be the cause of a 4 year old child to have a fever, vomiting, sore throat, cough and at times become lethargic?

The symptoms mentioned above may indicate a viral infection or strep throat. Some children may vomit when they have a strep throat as well. The parents may check for swollen glands in the front of the child’s neck or white spots on the tonsils to confirm the strep throat. The parents may not rush the child to a pediatrician if the fever can be controlled with medication and if the child continues to eat and drink normally. Parents can also give the child luke warm water baths and keep cool compresses on his/her forehead. The child will have to be taken to an ER if his/her temperature rises, cannot get up or complains of abdominal pain.

What could symptoms of a fever, diarrhea, vomiting and gas indicate in a 4 year old child?

Diarrhea, gas, fever and vomiting may indicate that the child may have gastrointestinal infection. The child may be given Motrin to bring down their temperature. It may be given 3-4 times a day between 6 and 8 hours, as well as being sponged with luke warm water. The parents should make sure that the child is well hydrated, and is given lots of fluids, oral rehydration fluid, Gatorade, etc. The child may need to be taken to an ER for an examination if his/her urine output does not improve. Intravenous fluids may have to be given if the child is not able to take in fluids orally.

Will a toddler with meningitis have fever as well?

In some cases, toddlers with meningitis may have fever as well, especially if it is bacterial meningitis. Viral meningitis may also have fever but it may not be as severe as bacterial meningitis.

What are the causes of fever in a toddler?

Fever in a toddler could be caused due to flu, viral infections and bacterial infections. Some of the bacterial causes of fever include:
• Meningitis
• Lung infection
• Ear infection
• Strep throat
• Infections of the urinary tract.

Besides these, a toddler can also get fever because of over bundling or recent immunization.

The best way to treat a fever in a toddler may be to give the child as much rest as possible and give him/her some fever reducing medication. However, in some cases, the fever may go beyond a certain level and at such times, it is important that the child is examined by a doctor. Most parents may panic at the thought of their child getting a fever and may want to know what they can do at home to help bring down the fever or prevent it. Though there is a lot of information available on the internet about fever and other conditions, reading online can only add to the parents’ confusion and frustration. The sheer volume of information will make it difficult for them to differentiate between correct and wrong information. You may ask an Expert and get all your questions about fever in toddlers answered if you have a child with fever or know someone whose child has a fever.
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