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Felony Murder

What is a felony murder?

What is a Felony murder? The felony murder definition is different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The typical meaning, states that somebody is guilty of murder if another person dies because of any other felony, like robbery, rape, arson, or anarchy, was committed or attempted. This would not be relevant if the murder was planned or unforeseeable, if somebody passes away throughout the commission of an offense, this is considered a felony murder. Read below to find more Expert answers pertaining to felony murder charges.

If a person is bound with tape, face, hands and feet and dies from asphyxia due to the tape applied to the head is that considered kidnapping or would that be murder?

Kidnapping is an offense where the victim is moved for a considerable distance, or held in a place of isolation during the use of the force. Therefore, somebody will need to be moved to a new place or held in isolation during the use of force for it to be known as kidnapping as well to the info described above. Someone who murders someone else in the course of kidnapping will be guilty of felony murder.

Can someone place any limitations on a felony murder rule that is not considered dangerous in the state of Alabama?

In the state of Alabama the felony murder regulation is codified, and is restricted to particular felonies or "any other felony clearly dangerous to human life" see here

If someone that is an author and needs to know if children testified in court in major cases in the year 1958, could a thirteen year old girl testify as a witness against a man in a case of rape or murder?

In many cases, children are able to testify. Here are some additional websites to historical papers from that period pertaining to child testimony in murder trials. While a Supreme Court case, this case was based to some extent on a law in effect from 1959. Then, it will have governed child testimony in the state of Kentucky the individual should SEE FOOTNOTE 13: here is a website to an appeal plea created in 1953 pertaining child testimony in the state of Oklahoma.

Is first-degree felony murder the same thing as "murder in the second degree" a felony of the first degree?

First-degree murder is usually murder with aim to murder someone. Second-degree murder is killing someone without aim to murder someone. First-degree felony murder is killing someone with no aim to murder but that was committed throughout a different felony (theft, rape or additional criminal actions). Seeing how it was committed throughout a different felony, it is important from what will generally be second-degree murder to first-degree murder.

When someone is facing Felony Murder, it can lead to many questions. Experts frequently answer questions on a wide range of topics like felony murder law, attempted felony murder, felony murder charges and more. Whether someone is unsure of the provision of law, and needs a second opinion or a clarification, all someone needs to do is ask an Expert for quick and affordable answers.
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