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Feline Acne Related Questions

What is feline acne? Is there a treatment available? If your cat appears to have acne you want to help your pet feel better as soon as possible. Experts can give you information about treatment options, home care, and more. 

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What is feline acne?

Feline acne is an issue in cats characterized by blackheads that may be accompanied with inflammation. Typically this can be found on the chin and surrounding areas. Symptoms are often mild in most cases and may not require treatment. In severe cases of feline acne, cats may respond slowly to treatment and the health and appearance can detract. Cats of any sex, breed, or age can be affected.

What is recommended for suspected feline acne?

Cats can have single episodes of feline acne but most live with recurrent issues throughout their lifetime. Typically, the noticeable areas of infection are the lower lip and chin. Feline acne is often diagnosed based on the cat’s response to antibiotics but most vets can tell if it is acne based on the appearance so a trip to the vet may be warranted. If the cat doesn’t respond to antibiotics then the vet may want to have the area biopsied.

What is recommended as treatment for feline acne?

When a cat is diagnosed with feline acne there are treatments available. In some cases where there is increased sebum and plugged oil glands (acne) cats can get deep secondary infections. Eating out of plastic bowls can be detrimental to this condition so switching to glass or stainless steel is a recommended home acne treatment. Topical treatment is often recommended. The area of infection would first need to be cleansed. A facial cleanser such as Phisohex (used for humans) can be used. If the acne becomes grossly inflamed then cortisone and oral antibiotics can be tried. If feline acne is severe, then skin scraping may be necessary.

If a cat recently developed dermatitis on the chin with red areas, hair loss, and 'pimples' could it be a food related reaction or stress?

The description of the appearance is in line with feline acne. Most cases have an inflammatory process occurring as well as bacterial infection in some. The most common cause is not with the food itself but how the food is delivered. As seen above, use the proper type of bowl. Food allergies can also be a cause of fleas or mites.

If Baytril shots and topical Vetericyn are failing, what other treatments are available for cats with acne?

Many cases of acne on cats are really keratinization disorders. This occurs when their hair follicles get plugged up by keratin. The plugged follicle become swollen and can abscess and rupture. This can lead to inflammation and swelling in the tissue around the follicle (folliculitis). Systemic antibiotics are in many cases needed for this issue. Benzyl peroxide shampoo can be helpful when used on the affected area. It can help flush the follicle while loosening and clearing out the plugged pores. Topical antibiotics such as mupirocin, Mometamax, or Animax can also be beneficial. If all acne treatments seem to be failing then a biopsy is recommended to see if other complications exist.

Feline acne is a treatable problem but can reoccur in many cats. Treatment may be as simple as changing the type of dish that your cat’s food is in. You may find that your cat’s acne issue isn’t exactly described in the examples above. If you have questions contact verified Experts online so that you have the clarity you seek. Experts are available 24/7 to provide answers to all your feline health questions.

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