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Feeding the Dog

There are ads on T.V. promoting all kinds of different dog foods, trying to entice dog owners to feed their dogs the company’s brand of dog food. There are many different diets that are sold, catering to different dogs different needs. Some dogs have allergies and require a certain kind of food, while others have energy needs for performance. How does a dog owner know what to feed their dog? Also when they find the kind they are looking for, how much dog food do they need to feed? Below are questions like these that have been answered by the Experts.

How much dog food should be fed to a dog that needs to lose weight?

The amount of dog food that should be fed to a dog that needs to lose weight will vary from dog to dog, depending upon the amount of dog food that the dog was receiving previously, which is often based upon on the size of the dog and its activity level. There are several diets that are available on the market, and taking a look at the calorie level on what is being fed to the dog currently and comparing it to another alternative brand can help an owner choose what food to feed their dog. Also to cut down on the in between meals hunger, the meals can be broke down in to three or four small meals instead of a once or twice daily meal. Other things that can be done are the addition of bulky foods that are low in calories such as vegetables. Also exercise will play an important part in weight loss for a dog. A dog, much like a human that lives a sedentary life style is going to be more prone to weight gain than a dog that is active and exercises.

What does feeding the dog a bland diet mean for a dog with diarrhea?

For a dog that has diarrhea veterinarians will often suggest feeding the dog a bland diet, which the owner can do from their own kitchen. A bland diet usually is made up of chicken that is boiled and white rice. The ratio of the meal is usually two parts rice to one part chicken. In addition an owner can increase the fiber that their dog is taking in by feeding the dog one tablespoon of pumpkin that is canned, not to be confused with pie filling, or one tablespoon of bran. Either of these can help the stool become more firm.

When it comes to feeding the dog, what kind of food will help stop the dog from eating horse manure?

Dogs are scavengers by nature and will often eat anything when the opportunity arises. Horse manure falls into the when opportunity arises category. That being said there is no special food that feeding the dog it will make the stop eating the horse manure. Hunger is not the issue in a case such as this. Monitoring the dog and catching the dog before it indulges in a horse patty is about the only way to discourage this behavior.

What to feed your dog that is pregnant?

When a dog is pregnant they require more calories and nutrients to sustain them and their puppies. Many people start feeding their pregnant dog puppy food, because it has higher levels of calories than that of adult dog food. It is wise to continue this even after the mother has delivered the puppies because of the amount of energy that the mother dog will exhaust feeding and caring for the puppies.

Knowing what to feed your dog and how much dog food to feed are questions that many dog owners have. There are dog that require no special diet, and can eat just about any food that is available on the market. There are other dogs that much like people need to be on a lower calorie food to help them with weight loss. A bland diet is often suggested when a dog is having or showing signs of gastrointestinal discomfort or issues. A bland diet usually consists of one part boiled chicken to two parts cooked white rice. A dog that has diarrhea that is on a bland diet may also benefit from the addition of bran or canned pumpkin to their dog food to help solidify the stool. Any questions regarding feeding the dog may be directed to the Experts.
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