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Excessive Fatigue in Children

When a child becomes very tired and has no energy, this can be known in other words as the child is fatigued. When a parent has a child that is suffering from fatigue, they want to find out the cause.. What are some fatigues in children causes? What can be done to help with a child that has fatigue? Below are questions like these about fatigue in children that have been answered by the Experts.

What are some fatigue in children causes?

There are many things that can cause fatigue in children. Such disorders in children can include ADD (attention deficit disorder) can cause fatigue in children. Also low levels of hemoglobin or iron can be a cause of fatigue in children; a pediatrician can often rule these two causes out with a few simple blood tests. There are also medications that can cause fatigue in children, medications like Benadryl for example. Other problems such as sleep apnea can cause fatigue in children, by not allowing them to get the proper amount of sleep that they need.

Can diabetes cause excessive fatigue in children?

Diabetes can cause a lot of symptoms in children. Some of the symptoms include the reoccurrence of infections that are minor in nature, an appetite that has increased, feeling nauseated, vomiting, pain in the abdomen, and anxiety. Diabetes can also cause a child to become fatigued.

What are some illnesses that can cause a child to become fatigued?

There are several different illnesses that have symptoms of a child that is fatigued. Anemia is one of these that have fatigue as a symptom as well as low thyroid hormone levels. These two things can be diagnosed by blood tests. Also Mono is an illness that has fatigue as a major symptom, again blood test can be done to determine if a child has mono. However with Mono, a test may come back negative even if the child has Mono. The reason this can happen is the test is to measure the amount of antibodies that the child has built up and the production of antibodies takes time, due to this reason the test may need to be redrawn. Diabetes can cause fatigue in children, as well as a child that has an abnormal function of their heart.

What should be done for excessive fatigue in children?

If a child is complaining of constantly being tired, lies around with little energy the first thing a parent should do is to have the child examined by the child’s physician. An exam that includes some lab work that is considered to be basic, as well as a history that includes not only the patient’s history but family as well. The child’s behavior must also be thoroughly looked into as sometimes anxiety and depression can be overlooked in pediatrics. This visit is the best place to start when trying to find the cause of a child being fatigue.

There are many different fatigues in children causes, as fatigue is a symptom of many different illnesses. The best thing to do with a child that has fatigue is to try to figure out what the cause of the fatigue is. Seeing the child’s pediatrician is the best first step to figuring out what the cause of the fatigue is. When a parent has noticed their child has fatigue symptoms, may questions begin to arise. What could cause fatigue in children? What are the treatments? Are there any solutions? When these questions arise, parents can contact the Experts for fast and reliable answers.
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