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Fatigue Questions

What is fatigue?

Fatigue is a feeling of being tired regardless of the amount of sleep a person gets. In many cases, when there is an issue with fatigue, the cause may be physical or mental. There are generally many causes for fatigue and treating this condition generally depends on what the cause for the fatigue is. When there is an issue with fatigue, questions regarding treatment may arise. Below are some questions regarding fatigue that is answered by the Experts.

If there is a viral infection and the person has fatigue with dizziness and tingling in the hands, what can cause this and what can be done to treat it?

When there is an issue with fatigue, dizziness and tingling in the hands, there may be a need to increase the dose of medication that is being used to treat the viral issue. In some cases, the dosage may need to be lowered if the individual is taking a higher dose. Once this happens, the symptoms that are being felt should go away. If the symptoms persist, the individual will need to be placed on a different medication.

What can cause a diabetic person is experience fatigue?

When someone has diabetes and is experiencing fatigue, the fatigue can be a symptom of the diabetes. If the fatigue is severe, the individual may need to have their thyroid tested in order to make sure there are no issues with the functions. In some cases when someone is diabetic, the thyroid may also act up causing the fatigue as well as sleeping issues.

Will blood pressure and glucose issues cause fatigue and how can the fatigue be treated?

When there is an issue with blood pressure and glucose being low, fatigue can be the side effect. if this is occurring, the individual may need to have tests ran in order to determine if the low levels of glucose is causing the blood pressure issues. Treating the blood pressure and glucose will often help treat the fatigue.

Can cardiac issues can cause a person to have fatigue and how can this be treated?

When someone has an issue with sudden fatigue, there can be a cardiac issue. The individual may need to go to a doctor and have cardiac tests ran in order to find the exact cause of the issues. Once the issues are found, a doctor will be able to determine what treatment is available. In some cases, when the cardiac issues are treated, the issue with the fatigue may also be treated and the symptoms may be cured.

Can medical conditions cause fatigue and what will the doctor do to treat this?

When there are symptoms of fatigue, many times another medication condition is the cause. When an individual begins to have symptoms of fatigue, doctors may want to run tests in order to rule out any medical issues. Once a medical issue is found, the doctor may begin treatment. Once the medical condition is treated or treatments have begun, the fatigue should be treated as well.

What are the causes for fatigue and what tests will find the causes?

Possible causes for fatigue may include:
• Low thyroid function
• Low Cortisol
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Deficiencies with vitamins
• Sleep apnea
• Anemia
Autoimmune disorders

The doctor may want to run tests to determine if any of the medical conditions are present. In many cases, simple blood work will determine the cause for the fatigue.

Fatigue generally is when the person still feels tired or no rest after a full night’s sleep. When this happens, questions regarding causes and treatments may arise. When a person is in need of answers to any concerns or questions about fatigue, asking the Experts may provide the insight needed.
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