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Fan Oven Problems

What is a fan oven?

A fan oven or a fan assisted oven is another term for a convection oven where heat is distributed by fans in order to force air movement. Fan ovens tend to operate at lower temperatures by circulating hot air over the food than regular conventional ovens and have the ability to cook food faster. The air circulation eliminates hot spots and provides a more even baking option. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on fan oven problems.

Why is my Diplomat fan oven not heating though the fan is working?

This could be a case where the circular element which winds around the outside of the fan could have failed or melted if there was power outage. This is a common issue and is also a reasonably easy repair. First turn off the power and remove the back panel or the rear plate inside the oven by removing the screws. You should be able to see the fan and the element here. Release the element so that you can check it for continuity using a multimeter. If the circuit is open, you will need to order another element and replace the defective one. The cost of this element can vary from $10 to $45 based on the model. If the element is not fixed inside the oven you probably need to remove the oven from its housing and remove the rear to access the wiring and screws.

We had a power surge and Whirlpool electric fan oven flashed “stop” on the display. Power supply is normal but why does the display read F03 and the oven does not come on?

An F03 error is usually an indicator of the oven temperature sensor short circuiting. In order to fix this problem you will need to replace the sensor. To do so, pull the stove out and remove the back panel. This will help you access to the back of the sensor which is a small metal rod inside the oven. It is easy to replace and you can obtain the part from an appliance store or from the net. It should cost approximately $30.

Why does my Amana microwave fan oven start working just by closing the door? The reset or stop button has no effect and the fan oven stops only on opening the door.

This is not an unusual issue for a convection microwave or fan assisted microwave oven. It entails that one of the three door switches could have become defective. You will need to test the switch to determine which one is faulty so that it can be replaced. Dismantling your microwave is a little different compared to an oven in the range microwave however the tests to be performed are the same. Remove the outer shell or cover of the microwave by removing the screws to access the parts inside.

One of the fuses blew in my house and the fan oven has stopped heating though the top oven and hob continue to work. Can I repair this?

What could have occurred is one of the wires or an element could have burned out. It will need to be tested using an OHM meter and repaired or replaced as required. In this case, there is no fuse which can be replaced for the oven to work. In order to do this yourself you need to be aware of the main functions of the unit along with basic electrical knowledge and understanding in tracing wiring problems using a voltmeter. If you are not comfortable in doing so, it is better to contact a professional as incorrect repair can aggravate the issue or cause a fire hazard.

Ovens are one of the most important appliances in a modern kitchen. They are versatile and convenient. You have different variety or types of ovens with fan ovens being one of them. They provide their unique advantages. Fan oven problems usually occur due to sensor issues, power surges and error codes. These issues are practically easy to decipher and fan oven repair can be attempted by you if you are handy and electrically inclined. This is when the information and guidance from Experts can be important to figure out your unique problem and solution for your fan oven.
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