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Famotidine for Dogs

What is Famotidine for dogs?

Famotidine is a drug that is used to prevent and treat ulcers in a dog’s stomach or intestines. It lowers the quantity of acids in the dog’s stomach. It is also used to treat different conditions like Zollinger-Ellison syndrome which is characterized by excessive acid in the dog’s stomach. This drug can also be used to treat acid reflux where the stomach acids back up into the esophagus. People who have been asked to give Famotidine to their dogs may have various questions about it. Given below are some of the commonly asked questions about Famotidine that have been answered by different Experts:

Can there be any side effects from a 14 pound dog taking 20 milligrams of Famotidine that was meant for a 110 pound dog?

In some cases there should not be a problem with the dog taking Famotidine. There may be some vomiting, and in most cases this can resolve by itself. In many cases where a dog has taken Famotidine and was not supposed to there were not any major problems that someone would need to watch out for.

Could Famotidine cause a schnauzer to not want to eat or to vomit?

In some cases it has been shown very possible for Famotidine to cause an upset stomach. With the dog being a schnauzer the dog may be at more risk for pancreatitis, bladder stones, or even liver or gall bladder problems. It is not necessarily just the Famotidine that could be causing these problems. Vomiting and lack of appetite can be caused by many things other than just medications. Probably the best thing to do is take the dog back to the vet, and have the dogs abdomen checked and some blood test ran on the pancreas. A fasting period for the dog may be worth trying, so that the dog’s stomach can have a chance to calm down; this may resolve the vomiting so that the dog can feel better and may even want to eat.

What could cause a dog to suddenly twitch? What could help resolve this issue?

If the dog has been around another dog such as at the groomer, dog park ect. the dog could have picked up a stomach bug. Now if the dog has not been around any other animals the dog may have licked or eaten something to upset its stomach. To treat an upset stomach there is a medicine called Famotidine this is equivalent to pepcid ac this can be given around every 12 hours, and ¼ of a 10 milligram table for every 5 pounds the dog weight. This would most likely help if the dog has eaten something that is causing twitching in the stomach. Now if this does not help the dog may need to been seen by a vet to have some blood work ran and a physical examination.

Could a dog that chewed up an empty box of Oxi Clean become sick? What can be done to help the dog?

In some cases it could be possible that the dog would become sick and could vomit. The reasoning for this is that Oxi Clean has sodium carbonate and sodium preacbonate in the indigents. The sodium carbonate could cause the dog to have signs of gastrointestinal irritation, and the sodium percarbonate can also cause the same type of symptoms since sodium percarbonate make hydrogen peroxide. One thing that you may want to avoid is making the dog vomit; this could cause irritation or harm to the dogs esophagus. Even though it is possible the dog may vomit on its own if there is enough hydrogen peroxide produced form the sodium percarbonate. Most likely the best things that can be done for the dog is to keep it well hydrated, or give the dog medicine to settle the stomach such as Famotidine. This is normally given in doses of 0.5 milligrams for every pound the dog weighs.

Many dog owners become frightened when giving their dog medications such as Famotidine, one reason is because they are not sure why their dog needs this medicine. Another reason is because the owner does not know what the Famotidine does to help their dog. If you find that you are still needing more information on Famotidine for dogs you can contact the thousands of Experts for fast and reliable answers.
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