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Family Law Questions

For the common person, most legal questions that arise usually pertain to family law. These can range from harassment and adultery questions to caregiver legal issues. When faced with family law questions or issues, many turn to the online legal Experts on JustAnswer for insights and solutions. Below are five of the top family law questions answered by JustAnswer Experts.

Harassment Law Questions

Harassment can affect someone both physically and mentally. Both direct and indirect harassment have many legal repercussions. Regardless of whether it is verbal, physical, or over the internet, harassment is usually against the law. Many forms of harassment may be considered stalking and can often be both a civil and a criminal matter depending on what state you live in. JustAnswer Experts can help answer your personal questions pertaining to harassment law.

Caregiver Family Law Questions

Caring for a family member can often be a daunting task, especially if you are not the legal guardian or if the family member has not been proven to be fully incompetent. There are instances when family members seem to be competent most of the time, but have spells of incompetency. You may witness them actually causing harm to themselves or others. Knowing when and how to secure your family member’s assets and well being can give rise to a number of questions. In particular, caring for a family member’s monetary assets is often times a struggle. The Experts on JustAnswer can help answer your tough caregiver family law questions.

Runaway Child Family Law Questions

Different states have different laws regarding runaways. Each state may have its own statute or law for reporting a runaway if the child is 16 years of age or younger, whereas once the child becomes 17, depending on the state, there may be a different runaway law all together. The state of residence and the age of the child will determine if it’s a criminal matter or if the child is of legal age to leave the home. At what age is a child considered a runaway? When should you report a runaway? Is there a fine for harboring a runaway? These are just a few of the family law questions that are often hot topics for the online Experts on JustAnswer.

Adultery and Infidelity Law Questions

Different states have different laws regarding adultery and infidelity. While some states do not look at adultery as a crime, other states like Georgia consider it a misdemeanor. What is the fine for adultery? Can you be incarcerated for infidelity? What is the definition of adultery? If you need answers to any of these or other adultery and infidelity related questions, you can find answers online by bringing your questions to the Experts on JustAnswer.

Adultery Divorce Family Law Questions

Many people seek advice on whether adultery or infidelity can be used against someone facing a divorce or child custody suit. Each state has its own laws regarding adultery and whether or not it can be used as a cause for filing a divorce proceeding. If there are children involved, the court may look at many factors regarding the children. The Experts on JustAnswer can answer your questions regarding adultery law.

Family law is a diverse topic; it can span over millions of legal issues and spawn one question after another, leaving you guessing the right answer. In addition to the above questions, there are many other family law questions that are answered frequently by the Experts on JustAnswer. If you are facing any type of family law issue – big or small – and need professional insights on the best course of action, the Experts on JustAnswer can answer you quickly, effectively and affordably.

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