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A Family Court deals with many things relating to family issues including: marriage, civil unions, domestic partnership, spousal abuse, legitimacy, surrogacychild abuse and child abduction. When dealing with family court appeals or cases, most individuals may not always be aware of their rights, legal standing or the direction they need to go. Experts on JustAnswer provide quick answers to many questions. Below are answers by Family Lawyers on JustAnswer to the most commonly asked questions about the family court system.

What can happen in family court when one parent wrongly accuses the other of abusing and neglecting the children?

This type of a situation is quite common in family courts, especially during a fight for child custody. The accusing parent will need just more than their word when they present their case in a family court. Likewise, the accused parent can bring in witnesses stating that they do not neglect or abuse their children, and that the accusing parent is just trying to get custody. If as a parent, you feel you might be wrongly accused by your spouse, it would be wise to create documentary evidence whenever a child falls or even gets a cut or scrape. You could consider taking pictures, dating them and building documentary evidence to explain what happened. If you are not sure of your situation, you can explain the specifics of your case to Family Lawyers  and get their Expert opinion and legal insights.

What happens if someone is breaking family court orders?

You may want to consider a contempt action to take the person breaking court orders back to court. Maintain a record of every violation of the court order and build documentary evidence of each violation. In the contempt hearing, tell the judge with the help of the evidence you have built that the other person is disregarding the orders. When someone breaks family court orders it is considered as contempt of the court. The punishment for breaking court orders can be jail, fine or warning the offender that action will be taken against them if they continue to break these orders. Typically, the offender will have to pay court costs.

What happens if someone lies under oath in a family court and it is proven they lied?

In most cases, it depends on what the judge wants to do under the particular circumstances of the case. It’s usually a discretionary action that a judge takes on a case to case basis. He/she will usually base the decision on the assessment of the impact and gravity of the lie and how bad the situation is.

How long does someone have to appeal in family court for custody or visitation rights?

The time limit to file an appeal is 60 days from the date of the notice on the judgment. An appeal cannot be filed while a case is still open. The case must be closed before one can appeal in a superior court.

If sole custody is granted to one parent, can the children play on a team that the other parent coaches?

The parent with the sole custody is responsible for the child’s upbringings. In other words, the custodial parent makes the decisions for the children, including which sports that their child plays. So if they decide not to let them play because the other parent coaches the team it is entirely up to them and within their rights. 

Matters concerning sole custody, family law issues and the family court system can be confusing. It is natural to have questions. In such situations, you can let Family Lawyers on JustAnswer answer your questions.

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