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Fake Tooth – Questions About Fake Teeth

Do you have a fake tooth? Are you in need of information about false teeth procedures? Fake teeth are prosthetic appliances that dentists can use to replace a missing tooth or teeth. If you are searching for information about false teeth, then read below for similar questions that verified medical Experts have answered.

Can a tooth be reattached if it came out with the root?

The tooth can be reattached if it has been within a 30 minute window of when it fell out. If it has been longer than 30 minutes then other options will need to be considered. 

What would cause soreness at the gum line of a fake tooth?

If there is soreness at the gum line this indicates gingivitis. When a foul smell is present, it generally indicates the presence of an infection. Both together surrounding a fake tooth points to the gums in this area being inflamed and it should be checked out by a dentist.

Is a butterfly tooth a fake tooth and can it be removed?

A butterfly tooth or Maryland Bridge can be seen in the picture below. It cannot be removed because the wings are bonded to the backs of the adjacent teeth.


Where can a person get a temporary fake tooth?

Fake teeth that need to be functional cannot be bought from stores like temporary filling material can be. Temporary teeth are made at dental labs who only deal with dentists. There an impression would be made and sent to the lab. The lab will create the fake tooth and send it back to the dentist.

Can bone loss occur if waiting too long for treatment for a knocked out tooth and what is the process for replacement?

Bone loss can occur if treatment is delayed too long. It is recommended to see a periodontist as soon as possible. They will likely place a bone graft into the socket of the missing tooth so that it heals which can take two months. The first part of the implant is a screw and it will be screwed into the bone. If the bone is not yet strong enough then they will delay it a bit. In the meantime, your regular dentist can make a retainer with a fake tooth (flipper) to hold the spacing and so that cosmetically you are not walking around with a missing tooth. After the first part of the implant heals then the second part can be placed and a crown can be fitted to match your own teeth.

What would cause a fake tooth to become sensitive?

The sensitivity can actually be coming from a tooth adjacent to the fake tooth. It is possible that one of these teeth has received damage from the contraction and expansion of the fake tooth. This can cause tooth nerves to be exposed. The sensitivity is not likely to go away on its own and may need assistance from a dentist.

If you have unexpectedly lost a tooth and want to use the real tooth or need a replacement it is essential to have the right information. Dental circumstances that call for even thinking about treatment with a fake tooth can be detrimental to most people. When you have questions and do not have time for a dental visit, consult with an online Expert. Verified medical Experts are available to answer your questions at times when you need them so that you have peace of mind.

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