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Facetime Problems

Facetime is a user friendly application (app) for various Apple devices which allows video calls to be made to contacts through an active internet/Wifi connection. One can start using Facetime by signing in using their Apple ID. The feature integrates with the existing contact list and provides the possibility to “Facetime” with a particular contact by tapping on their name.

To understand how to use Facetime or to know about some problems people face, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

How to use Facetime on two iPads?

It is possible to easily use Facetime between two iPads. For this the requirement is that the iPads should have an inherent camera and a proper Wifi connection. Once you are connected to Wifi, you need to add the person you wish to Facetime with as a contact in the “Contacts” list or icon on the app of the iPad. Along with this, the associated email address of that contact should be added. Once these actions are complete, it can be tapped from the home screen to begin using it by calling the contact.

What can be done if the volume reduces or goes off completely while using Facetime on the Macbook or iMac?

To deal with this volume problem, you need to go to the Apple menu and ensure the software updates are complete. After this the computer should be rebooted. Another thing to try is going to system preferences and taking the below steps:
1. “Sound” should be clicked
2. Next “Input” tab
3. The “Input Volume” slider should be dragged and moved to a reasonable level (approximately till the center)

After doing so, the Facetime sound can be tested to check if the problem persists.

What can be done if the iPad turns off and goes black as soon as one connects to Facetime?

The first thing to try here is to reset the iPad. This is done by pressing and holding the power button and home button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo is visible and the iPad restarts and displays the home screen. This step can be repeated if it doesn’t work the first time. If this does not help, the iPad may need to be restored. This is done by opening iTunes on the computer and connecting the iPad to it. Next the iPad should be restored from iTunes. Once the restore is complete, the option “Restore from backup” should be selected. In case this is unsuccessful as well, the restore process should be attempted again and the option “Setup as new iPad” should be selected instead.

Can Facetime call history be retrieved from the iPhone 4 if it has been deleted?

In order to find the call history in the phone app, you need to check in the “Recent” tab. While here you need to press the blue arrow to display the call history. Similar to this, Facetime call history will also be visible in the “Recent Calls” history of the iPhone. However, in case the history has been deleted, it may not be possible to retrieve this information.

While using Facetime on iPad 2, why is it getting disconnected suddenly?

There is a possibility with the constant usage and closing of apps, they can remain running in the background of the iPad reducing its efficiency. To tackle this problem, all the iPad apps should be “quit” or closed completely in the following manner:
1. The home button should be pushed twice in quick succession. This opens a task pad at the bottom of the screen
2. The apps which are still open or running become visible. One finger should be held on one of the apps until they start shaking. A minus “-“symbol will appear on them.
3. Each minus symbol should be touched to completely close or “quit” the app.
4. Once they are all closed, the home button can be pushed again to close the task pad

After this, the chance of Facetime working normally is higher.

Facetime provides the option to be in two places at once. With its clear display and quality voice calls over the internet, it makes communication easy, simple and affordable. There are many simple steps and instructions to follow to know how to use effectively. Despite this, there can be challenges faced either due to technical issues or being unaware. To ease these Facetime problems or questions there is a need for more information. Experts can provide current, valid and customized information for questions in a quick and economical manner.
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