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Eye Problems in Children

What are eye problems and common eye problem symptoms in children?

Eye problems in children can be a vast subject. There are many different problems that can occur. Some common eye problems in children symptoms that are noticeable include squinting, eye rubbing, sitting too close to the TV, or holding a book to close to the face. However, a child may have eye problems without any outwardly noticeable symptoms. There are two common symptoms that may indicate eye problems in children. The first is the eyes becoming crossed or wandering and the second being uneven focus.

Eye problems in children can cause alarm do to the unknowing of what may have caused it and if there is a treatment. Some common eye problems in children concerns have been answered below by Experts.

If a 2 ½ child seems to have a lazy eye, should the parent be concerned about this, or will the eye correct itself?

It is advisable to have the child visit with the pediatrician or ophthalmologist to have a full evaluation. If the eyes muscles are weak and not zeroing in on the same thing it can cause vision problems later down the road. If the vision problem becomes permanent as with amblyopia it will be too late. Lazy eye or strabismus can be treated with a few different methods. They will all involve making the weaker eye (the lazy one) work harder so as to strengthen those eye muscles.

What could cause a 6 year old child to always have bloodshot eyes but clear up once the child eats something with protein?

The eye problems in children that are commonly seen like bloodshot eyes can be secondary to another illness occurring in the body. Bloodshot eyes that clear up after protein or vitamins are given can be indicative of a vitamin deficiency or even a low protein level. Bloodshot eyes can also be a consequence of being tired, allergies, eyestrain, irritation, etc.

What could be the issue with a 5 year old who complains of pain and sensitive to light in their eyes, and the child’s eyes roll to avoid the light and will become dizzy?

There is a small chance that this problem is a type of seizure but it is not as likely since in only happens in the morning time. There are eye problems in children that may be symptomatic of the pain, rolling, and dizziness. The light sensitivity is called photophobia and it can be caused by eye problems, allergies, or other illnesses. An eye doctor (ophthalmologist) can help to diagnose the eye problems if any that your child may have.

What kinds of eye problems in an 8 month old child can crossed-eyes be pointing to?

Typically an 8 month old child should not be crossing their eyes. It may be an issue of weakened eye muscles and may require a tightening by surgery. If surgery is required it should fix the issue. Serious or severe eye problems in children can be ruled out by having a true eye exam by a doctor.

Eye problems in children can be issues that range from mild to severe. Experts can help answer concerns about eye problems in children symptoms or what common eye problems in children may occur. Get the answers to ease your worries by asking an Expert today.
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