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Extended Warranty Plans

What is extended warranty?

The term extended warranty can often be called a service agreement, a service contract, or a maintenance agreement. This warranty is a drawn out warranty that is provided for some buyers. The extended warranty can be granted by the warranty administrator, the seller or the maker. An extended warranty normally const extra than what the normal price on an object was. Often times, some extended warranties that are bought for many years declare in writing that for the first year, the buyer must still deal with the manufacture in the event of a fault. As a result, what is normally advertised as a five year extended warranty is normally only for a four year warranty.

If someone had bought a used car and an extended warranty from a dealership, and this person was promised with the warranty that if they sold the car before the warranty was up they would get a refund for the unused portion, but in reality the dealership never purchased the warranty is this considered fraud?

In this cause this would be considered fraud if the error was on purpose or careless misrepresentation/careless if not on purpose, in either way the individual will be awarded a reimbursement of the money from the warranty and if the warranty was included in the purchase of this car the individual would be able to withdraw the purchase if they are unable to get the warranty now. This is not believed to be a criminal matter, the dealership does in fact have civil responsibility, and if the dealership is to be believed the carelessness was intentional error to the punitive damages are considerable. That is unless the acceptable decision cannot be received, the individual should try to get a hold of a counsel to file a law suit.

In the state of Colorado what is the law on extended warranty refunds?

In the state of Colorado the law does not normally allow extended warranties to be non transferable and non refundable and the amount will normally display these types of limitations. Also, the court will more than likely insist the original warranty agreement. Now if this does in fact show that it is either transferable or refundable, and the company still refuses to award the refund then the individual should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to try to find a solution to the problem, or they could even file a law suit with the small claims court to ask for the amount they say is owed to them.

In the state of Washington if an individual has bought a used vehicle from a dealer with an extended warranty plan and now within 40 days they are experiencing problems with that vehicle that is making it non drivable what legal right does that person have for the dealer to fix the car that is still under warranty?

In this case the individual can contact a local consumer lawyer and have that lawyer send a legal document to the warranty company and request that the company follow through with the warranty or the lawyer will file a lawsuit against that company for unfair and misleading act and practice for selling an extended warranty and then refusing to fix the vehicle that started experiencing problems within the warranty time period.

In the state of Illinois if someone buys a car with an extended warranty, what right does that person have if the warranty company say that a repair is not covered under that warranty because there were no broken parts, when the vehicle was making abnormal noises due to the fact a chain had too much slack?

In this specific case the individual will have to right to obtain whatever repairs are stated in their extended warranty. With this being said in the state of Illinois the state alone does not provide a lemon law that is available to used vehicles. The consumer protection and/or misleading trade act statutes are also not available in this type of case either. What this means is that normally for used vehicles there is no responsibility to make any repairs. Many used vehicles are “sold as is” If the vehicle so to speak falls apart while the individual is driving off the dealership lot, the rule of the Caveat Emptor “Let the buyer beware” manages this transaction. If the warranty does not cover this repair then legally there is no type of action this individual can take, not if the warranty company is not following through with their responsibilities then what is believed to be the best option would be to contact a local legal counsel and have them send the warranty company a legal document stating these repairs need to be made.

When buying an extended warranty it is advised to read the fine print before buying the extended warranty, that way the individual is completely informed as to what this warranty will cover. With that being said after the product in which they have bought has malfunctioned they will know what the warranty will cover and what it won’t and they won’t be dealing with the many troubles many people face when not fully informed of the extended warranty process. For more information on extended warranty responsibilities, contact the Experts online.
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