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Who are JustAnswer Experts?

Why Experts love working on JustAnswer

I wanted to explore ways to live a simpler and more rewarding life. JustAnswer essentially met all the criteria I was looking for in a new venture: a source of income, opportunity to practice my medical expertise, and flexibility in time and location.


I love to use what I know and help customers discover what they have. Every time I decipher a difficult signature on a painting or object, it’s a small triumph. I get instant gratification from happy customers when they finally know what they have and appreciate the information that I share.


I really like the fact that I can work on JustAnswer at my own hours and put in as much work as I like. I usually work on JustAnswer on the weekends and this allows me to have the much-needed family time after work.


Learn about our 8-step expert quality process

All Experts must pass our rigorous 8-Step Expert Quality Process. This ensures that you get the most knowledgeable, trustworthy help anywhere on the internet.

A step by step illustration of the expert verification process

Application & profile screen

To answer questions on JustAnswer, Experts must have recognized credentials in their fields, such as a lawyer’s, doctor’s or veterinarian’s license, or years of experience working in a particular specialty.


Credential verification

A third-party service verifies the identity and at least one relevant credential of every Expert on JustAnswer.


Customer ratings

Customers rate their experience with an Expert. These ratings are displayed on the Expert’s profile.


Peer Reviews

Experienced Experts can flag answers that they believe could be improved.


Quality algorithm

JustAnswer has developed a quality algorithm to raise the bar on some aspects of Expert quality on the site. Experts who consistently fall below standards are removed from the site.


Secret shoppers

JustAnswer maintains many secret shoppers who give us confidential feedback about Experts’ responsiveness and customer service skills.


Advisory board

The Advisory Board is made up of first-class scholars and practitioners in a variety of fields. Its members provide us valuable guidance on our credentialing requirements, subject matter tests, and the sample questions and answers in their fields.

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